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Brum pics

Discussion in 'Misc Snaps' started by Frothblower, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. Frothblower

    Frothblower Lubrication In Moderation

    Some photos borrowed off a certain buy and sell site:rolleyes::shh::D
  2. Frothblower

    Frothblower Lubrication In Moderation

    Some more
  3. dek carr

    dek carr master brummie

    Nice one Chris have you got a location for photo 1 post #2 there,s a large church in the background but I can,t pinpoint it,s position. Dek
  4. Phil

    Phil Moderator & Retired Layabout Staff Member


    It look like what would now be Burnt Tree traffic island along the Wolverhampton Rd to me.

  5. dek carr

    dek carr master brummie

    Funny that Phil that was the place I was thinking of but the large church in the background threw me. Dek
  6. Frothblower

    Frothblower Lubrication In Moderation

    Sorry I don't know:(
    Looks like you may have found out anyway:)
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2010
  7. dek carr

    dek carr master brummie

    Not so sure Chris maybe one of our tram experts can identify if the trams are B,ham transport or not. Dek

    WINSTON master brummie


    TOPSYTURVEY brummie

    Somewhere in Aston. May be Aston Rd North?[​IMG]
  10. Bob Johnson

    Bob Johnson master brummie

    The picture 'somewhere on Aston Road North' could be Aston Brook garage. This garage was on the corner of Aston Road North and Powell St. The bicycle(s) could be a clue. This garage went on to be Banning's I beleive. The bicycle was used for advertising into the sixties. Take a look at this link;
  11. mikejee

    mikejee Super Moderator Staff Member

    The firm in the background will be Dobson & Crowther Ltd, paper bag makers, 26,28, 30 & 42, & Brook works Aston Rd north & 1 & 3 Brook St
    rowthei- Limited, 26,
    28, 30 & 42, & Brook works,
  12. cookie273uk

    cookie273uk master brummie

    !s 3d a gallon,, thats just over a penny a litre - unbeleivable !!!

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