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Broadband adverts

Eric Gibson

master brummie
There seems to be a proper catch in the adverts currently running for broadband service deals,
If you read the small print at the bottom of the screen they all (BT, TalkTalk, et al.) have words like this:

"Price increase RPI + 3.9% from March 2022."

They make a big splash headline about "Only £22ish" a month but if you don't watch out you're committing to a continuing running price rise of well above inflation, one for Watchdog to take a look at?


knowlegable brummie
Yes. I’ve just made another contract with Plusnet and these new terms have been applied. This seems to me to be calculated to encourage people to switch ISP regularly, rather like we’ve got used to doing with other utilities.


master brummie
Most of these ads offer a good price but when you look into it that is only for the first 12 months (or sometimes less). Then it is a hike in price.