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British novel set in Birmingham and Keswick


New Member
Hi everybody,

My name is Cesar Guarde and I'm new to this forum. I'm currently doing research on an old Chinese translation of a British novel, which action takes place in Birmingham and Keswick, most likely in Braithwaite. I have been unable to identify the original novel and I believe it may be a rare book not yet digitalized. I hope someone here has read it or may point to me in the right direction. This is what I got:

Author: British man, surnamed Warton, Walton, or something with a similar sound, like Wherton, Wolton, etc. (since the names are transliterated into Chinese, it is difficult to know for sure).

Year of publication: between 1883 and 1912. The novel features Birmingham station (1833), Keble College (1870) and Corporation St. (1883, I believe), and was translated in early 1913.

Story: It is a love story between a young fellow called Hetsick or Hitchcock (or something that sounds like that) and a pious young lady named Marjorie (or, again, something that sounds like that). The story starts in Birmingham new station, with the main character Hitchcock (?) having received a letter from his sick foster father. He visits him in his deathbed, and the foster father reveals that his business has gone bankrupt (a business related to ore or mining). Thus, the young fellow is left with nothing but the debts of his foster father.
On his way, he meets Marjorie, one of three sisters, and daughter of an old acquaintance of his father. They live near Keswick and Catbells, I believe the place could be Braithwaite. It seems that Marjorie's father lent some money for Hichtcock's foster father to invest, in order to provide for his own wife once he was gone. Over the course of the story, Hitchcock finds his real father, clears up his debts and becomes a wealthy man, finally marrying Marjorie in the final chapter.

Hope this sounds familiar to someone!:mask: