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Britain from above


master brummie
Hi Jim, I just tried it on my iPad and tapped the map pin and I had the blue blank screen. I then switched the picture layer off and then switched it on again but no pic. I then tried a double tap on screen and the pic appeared. Double tapping is unusual on iPads. Maybe try double clicks with W10. It does seem that the bfa site is not quite running correctly for some set-ups.


master brummie
Phil no joy! It's coffee time. If at first you don't succeed, ...........! Thanks for trying!
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aston lad

master brummie
Does anyone know if the " Britain from Above " website has closed down or is it just having a few problems ? I really hope it has not finished its a brilliant site for viewing the past...


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Hi Aston Lad. I'm also having problems getting it to load. I used it last week and it was working, so maybe it's a temporary problem. Hope so, it's a good site. Viv.