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Bristol Street Brewery

For those who have a copy of "Birmingham Breweries" by Joseph McKenna can I make a correction to Page 67 [attached] as the brewery did close but was acquired by George Hemming in the summer of 1869 and production continued at this site.



master brummie
Well I was going to put a chapter on Breweries into my book Workshop for the World, but with Joseph Mc Kenna book decided to leave it out.

Yes Edward Devis was bankrupt in July 1869 and George Hemming purchased the brewery and improved it. By 1885 it was Hemming & Sons West End Brewery. Hemmings had been responsible for new Brewery being built there. In March 1896, West End Brewery on the corner of Wrentham Street and Bristol Street was described as a modern 15 quarter Graduating Brewery. They also had maltings in Edgbaston Street.
Later the Brewery was owned by E W Cotterill, White and Lake and then King & Burton had the Brewery until 1912.