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Brick wall with Burgin, Wright, Willetts


master brummie
Hi all.
It appears as though I have hit the dreaded brick wall.
I have searched Ancestry,Find my past and the official 1901 site for this group of people who are all interlinked in some way but they all seemed to vanish around 1901.

They are George Burgin B.1878 son of William Burgin B.1844 Steeple Aston Oxford.
Beatrice Wright B.1878 daughter of George Wright B.1850 B.Ham.
Mary-Ann Willetts B.1878 in Coventry daughter James of James Willetts B.1856 Heath Town Staffordshire.
I have found a Mary-Ann in Devon but its the wrong one.

Any info on these people in 1901 would be much appreciated.

Many thanks. Acklam19.


master brummie
Hi acklam19,
What a puzzle !! I looked at this last night and have been looking again this morning, but have come up with next to nothing !
I believe that the 1891 image has William born in Middle Aston, Oxfordshire..Mary, his wife born in Bristol, Gloucestershire and George born Nechells, Warwickshire.
The only George I can see in the BMD's is a George B(I)rgin in Aston 1877.
I did come across one census which I thought was possible in 1901, but changed my mind..:frown:..not much help I'm afraid.
Can I ask what is your earliest definite starting point for working back from ??

I will have a look at the other people meantime and hopefully, bringing this back up will lead to someone with more experience than me taking a look.


master brummie
Hi Lindyloo
Thanks for your prompt reply it certainly is a mystery
The nearest date to 1901 is a Birth Cert which I received this morning it shows the first son Fredrick George born fourth of February 1902 to George Burgin and Mary-Ann Burgin formerly Willetts the address is 2 Swan Cottages Washwood Heath and his occupation as Bicycle Maker Journeyman.
At least now I can confirm that George and Mary-Ann are together at this period which I always suspected and his wife Beatrice Wright is no longer on the scene and yes that is my George on the 1891 census.

All the very best. Acklam19.


master brummie
Hi Acklam19,
I've tried every which way I can think of to find something for you but to no avail..I cannot find George or Mary anywhere in the 1901 :(
I'm still hoping someone will be able to help you though...sorry I couldn't help
Best Wishes Lindyloo


Super Moderator
Staff member
George and Mary say they have been married 12 years in 1911 so possibly the time they started to live together.
Have searched the 1901 with every possible combination and found nothing, perhaps because of the sitauation they avoided the census.
They actually married in 1939.
Have sent you PM with further info.


master brummie
Hi Alberta, I'm so pleased that you have looked at this too :)
I found the marriage between George Burgin and Beatrice Wright in 1896 and then saw the 1911 and thought the same as you..either they avoided it or they perhaps went under an alias in 1901, they certainly seem to have managed to escape us.
With the marriage between George and Mary in 1939, I wondered if perhaps they waited till Beatrice passed on, but there isnt a death that fits for a Beatrice Burgin before 1939 that I can see. There is one in 1945 but it is in Sheffield and 2 years difference in the age ?? But of course Beatrice herself could have remarried..??


master brummie
Hi Lindyloo and Alberta.
What a puzzle!!
All the info you have sent is absolutly correct on all points and I have come to the conclusion that they must have dodged the 1901 census deliberately for the reasons you say, to make things more confusing when they did get married in 1939 it was he as a Widower and she as a Spinster even though at this time they had 7 adult children.
I am off to B.Ham Library on Thursday to continue my search through the Electoral rolls for those blank years 1898-1901 which have turned up some suprising later address's in the past as I have now got his 1902 address.

I would like to thank you both for your interest and I assure you if I solve the mystery I will let you know through this site

All the very best.Acklam19.


master brummie
Hi Acklam19,
Have a great day at the library !! I spent a day there myself recently and I found what I was looking for, so..fingers crossed... I hope you do too. Looking forward to hearing from you after you have been :)

Best Wishes


master brummie
Hi Lidyloo and Alberta.

Just to say no joy at Bham Library on Thursday I looked all around the confirmed address's I had for 1902 And 1908 but nothing on the Electoral rolls at all, I have come to the conclusion that he went where the work was and never stayed long anywhere except from 1913 when he settled in the Kings Norton area.
I shall have to write up his story minus 1898-1901 as there are reletives in America and Australia waiting to hear the outcome of tracing this mystery man.

Many thanks again for your help.

Regards Acklam19.


master brummie
Hi Acklam19,
That is such a shame that you were unable to find anything, but I hope you had a good day anyway. Maybe when you are not looking something might turn up
Regards Lindyloo