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breweries of age,


gone but not forgotten
Looking through the archives I have there was a hell of a lot of brewers in brum in from the 1900 s
And one by one we have lost them all for 1.
The bank tavern on the corner of new Johns west and great Russell street,summer lane neibourhood early 1900 sThe pub advertising Holders Ales
Which was one of many brewers in brum
Around that time which was based in Nova Scotia Street,
Sir JohnHolder owned and laid out the area of Sir Johns road Shelly park and his brewery was taken over by M,and B, in1919
There was hundreds of brewers in and around brum like fulfords, brewers, Vulcan brewers, dares , brewers
The brewers of Aston ,Akinson,s brewers, the lion brewers, of W,T, Rushton,whom we know was bought by Ansells Brewery
Then there was smiths brewery whom taken over by Akinsons,
Dares , belgrave rd , Davenports ,and many more
Sad they have all gone best wishes Astonian,,,,,


gone but not forgotten
Hi wam or mike
Do you know whether or not there was a Heeleys Brewery in Aston around the 1800 s/early 1900s
as i have been given a very dark green bottle with a black screw on top
It as the embossed named all around the top to the middle there name within thee glass bottle itself
its states brewery established since 1837
i would be very intrested to learn about this bottle
best wishes Astonian,,,, Alan,,


master brummie
I was born in a house belonging to Atkinsons Brewery in Queens Road way back in 1930, they owned most of the road below the brewery on that side of the road. Eric


master brummie
Nothing about Heeley's being a brewery but, from the stamp on the bottom, your bottle dates from 1892-1913. The makers of the bottle are Cannington, Shaw & Company Limited of St. Helens who added the "Ltd" in 1892 and joined United Glass Bottle Manufacturers in 1913. From that, I doubt you're dealing with a large brewery. If nothing else, they're buying their bottles in rather than making them.


gone but not forgotten
Hi Wam
Good morning to you thanks for your input on the bottle i think i have found an old book that i have
and i am thinking it as got heeling down as a brewery in aston and i think there was a picture or at least a mention
of it , i am very curios to get it confirmed
I have to go to redditch this mornings but when i come back i will dig through the old books of the one
i am pretty sure it was listed if i am succesful in finding that book i will put my results on the forum
tonight have a nice day until then best wishes Astonian Alan,,,,


Super Moderator
Staff member
Between the 1888 & 1890 Kellys Charles Heeley went from being a retail brewer in Victoria Road to an ale and porter bottler at 190 Lichfield road (later listed as 192 presumably because he had taken over the next building . They retained that description of bottler till after being taken over by Holtes, after which it was described as a wine & spirit merchant and bottlers stores. Presumably he did brew at his old pub before 1890, but think it would have been only draught beer.