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Brass Dish

Lady Penelope

master brummie
As it's hunting, shooting etc. I wonder if it could be a very posh inkstand from a country house. The ink well itself would have fitted in the centre and could have been brass or glass, removal for cleaning. There are lots of ornate ink stands on the internet but none like this one.


master brummie
Don't think so MA Polishing say it's brass and a whole mix of other metals.
I ask because you originally said 'it was totally black', which could be the case if it had been silver-plated brass. Let's see what the other side reveals!
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Brummie babby
So here's the tray back from its' trip to Brum, beautifully restored by the incredibly helpful MA Polishing, can't believe how wonderful it looks. It measures 16" x 13" so it feels too big for an ink stand to me. Makers mark photo also attached.


Eric Gibson

master brummie
In my book of maker's marks there are two almost identical to that on your item.
A London maker Henry Brind mid 18th century 'Good run of the mill' products
And an Edinburgh maker Harry Breathune, early 18th century.


master brummie
I have a pair of brass dishes with a tale to tell. I was told that they were wedding presents for my parents in 1934. Apparently, some of the same design were made especially for the firm's owner. So these are what I would call 'foreigners'. Tut!

They are identical, top and bottom and about 13 cm at the widest. Underneath there is what appears to be a design number, C 1185. The maker's mark is an isosceles triangle inside a circle. Inside the triangle are three, indistinct smudges, possibly letters. The middle one might be &.

I cannot remember how they were used. Perhaps intended for hair grips and other bits and pieces on a lady's dressing table.View attachment 139860BrassGirl.jpg
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