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Bradshaw the Printers Harborne & Halesowen

I see that you worked at Bradshaws in Harborne from 1962 to 1971 and wonder if you recall my aunt, Mary Trawford. She would have been 31 years old in 1962. I know she did four years training/apprenticeship there to learn the trade. She worked as a table hand which I understand is a bindery assistant. I'm assuming she worked there until they relocated.
She was friendly with Joan, a supervisor I think, and Hazel (it was through Hazel that Mary met her future husband).
Sadly my aunt recently passed away and having had no children of her own, I'm trying to put together a potted history of her life. I'd be so grateful of any information or memories you may have.
Kind regards

Sorry for the delay in replying. I'm sorry but I don't recall your Aunt, the bindery dept. was upstairs and I worked downstairs on the printing presses but I do remember a lady named Hazel. When I started at Bradshaws she was working in the packing Dept. and after the move to Halesowen in 1968 she moved into office work. I believe Hazel was the brother of the maintenance man at Bradshaws his name was Ernie Lawrence and his son Alan worked in the composing room.

Again I'm sorry I can't be more helpful.
Hi, I was most surprised that when I just happened to input to Google 'Bradshaw Brodie', up came this Forum. My interest is that my father used to be the co-owner of Bradshaws and then later Bradshaw Brodie. I remember as a young child being taken to Bradshaws (Vivian Road?) Harborne one day when my father had a meeting there. My father at the time ran a Brickworks in the Forest of Dean so did not visit Bradshaws all that often, the main man at the time was Bernard Metcalf. What I do remember of my later visits were the machines, especially the Intertype machine, I still have some of the slugs that I made up on the machine, also the fantasic Heidelberg machine and its very recognisable noise that it made. I have come across many Heildlebergs around the world as I travelled the world extensively with my work. I came across a printer where I live who as one of his jobs, produces all the Scout Stamps for the Scouts Christmas posts. Visiting him one day I could hear this noise in the background and asked him 'was that a Heidelberg I could hear' he said yes and was quite surprised I knew what it was! Also, the Hurricane, a fantastic machine, a really new revolutionary machine of the day. The main product were Docket Books for the Laundry and Drycleaning businesses, but with the advent of launderettes, the laundry business was getting much smaller. I remember that Bradshaws managed to work through the three day week solely due to the fantastic work force, they were so loyal to the company. Times changed and Bradshaw Brodie came about and eventually moved to an old WWII munitions factory(?) in Halesowen, I remember that it was an incredibly well built building. I think I only went there once or twice, but they had a large/long French machine, a 'Chambon'(?) I believe, it was used for making Sleeves for LP records, but it was a very large and complicated piece of kit. Yes, BB was sold to the Sunderland Print Co. with Bernard Metcalf and my father retiring. I have just remembered that Bradshaws patented a system called 'Ping Pong' a messaging pad with different coloured indelible paper, I cannot remember if it took off at all? Yes, most interesting days and it has been so interesting to read the forum as it has brought back some really good old memories. Thankyou.
Hello, I've just come across your message so thought I'd send a reply.

I started working at Bradshaws in January 1962 when I was 15 yrs old when they were in Harborne, Vivian Road. My recollection was that Bernard Metcalf ran a company named MMS, Metcalf Marketing Services, and in turn owned Bradshaws, I was never aware that someone else was co-ower, but in those days I was more interested in other things. I used to work Saturday morning on a regular basis so I may have seen you there on one of your visits.

I was a machine apprentice and began my time working Heidelberg platens, and yes your're spot on with the noise they made. My recollection of the Hurricane is that it was situated under the main stairs and operated by a chap named Howard. I moved with the Company to Halesowen in 1968 and by then I was operating a 2 colour Heidelberg cylinder press, letterpress and rotary. I eventually parted company with Bradshaws in December 1971 and went to work for Kings Norton Press. It was during the time in Halesowen that they acquired the Chambon machine, which if my memory serves me correctly was situated upstairs in the Bindary Dept, I never actually got to operate it.

I have no recollection anything called 'Ping Pong', so this must have been after I left. Yes, reading the messages in this forum brings back lots of happy memories of my time at Bradshaws and people I worked with for 10 years.

Thanks for replying
All the best