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Bradford Street


master brummie
A nice wartime photo Phil. I can (hopefully) just make out that the tram is on the 42 route which could mean that it is the end of 1939. Moseley Road and Stechford routes were diverted along Bradford Street at that time to a temporary terminus in Hill Street, rather than Albert Street due to track renewals at Rea Street/Digbeth junction.
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master brummie
Maybe early Sunday morning. Most folk having their weekly lie in and the nearby markets would be closed?
Yes, everyone making the most of the well earned rest no doubt, my very first job was in bissell street the next road on from rea street, big factory at the top called epharaim Phillips. I don't know how long it's been there but would imagine a few of the workers would have got that tram to there shift

Chris Lunn

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You are amazing!! thank you, thank you, thank you!! Happy, happy last day of 2018 and blessings for 2019 to you and yours!!
It seems to be behind 265 and 266
View attachment 130143
It seems to be behind 265 and 266
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Hi Mikejee... would you know if house number 236 is shown on the map please... James Aldhous and family lived there on the 1851 census... he was a wire weaver so presumably worked around the area too... thank you for any info.


proper brummie kid
Hello again, it's been a while..

I was wondering whether anyone had a full map of Bradford Street. I'm interested, firstly in where 111 Bradford Street was but also, what factories were on the street. I've just learned today of Henry Bradford who offered the land there to anyone willing to trade. That's an amazing offer, so I was wondering which companies took him up on the offer. Also, presumably (or not) the Back to backs on this street were offered to the labourers first? Were back to backs rented? Or part of the package? It's really difficult to find information on this part of Deritend, particularly from the Victorian/late 19th century era.
If anyone has any information on the buildings, businesses, housing, I'd be grateful.

Thanks in advance


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Below is a map showing where no 111 Bradford St was in c1950. Afraid left hand side not so clear, but it shows 111. Also a map c mid 1880s of Bradford st, on which I have marked 111 then in red

map c 1889 showing Bradford st.jpgmap c1950 showing 111 bradford st.jpg


proper brummie kid
Hi Mike,
Always so quick to reply! :D That's perfect, thank you so much! I've scrolled through soooo many photos today and I wish there were more photos of this part of Birmingham at this time - there's a wonderful one on here with the man walking his Tamworths to slaughter but other than that, very few ... Makes me wonder what I'm NOT taking photos of...