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Boys Home Ravenhurst St Camp Hill

dek carr

gone but not forgotten
Back in the late 50s i had a scout friend who resided in (i think a Catholic ) boys home in Ravenhurst St could anyone verify this as correct and give the name of the home. thank you Dek


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In the 1956 kellys at no 29 there is the St. Anthony's Residential Club (Roman Catholic).
I am not sure if this is what you are looking for , or what exactly a residential club is in this context

dek carr

gone but not forgotten
Mikejee maybe this is it THe lad was a fellow boy scout who lived in Perhaps it was some kind of half way house i have no memory other than that thank you. Dek


master brummie
I think it may have been Don Bosko , excuse the spelling , but there was a youth club by Camp Hill of that name and I think a childrens home as well Bernie


gone but not forgotten
hi guys
there seem to have been alot of boys homes around that area especialy
around the moseley rd park and camp hill and alcester st and one on the moseley rd directly facing the old
mosely rd school way back in the fifties and sixties and i think the seventies if my memory serves me correctly also two on the bristol rd for wayward girls
and i beleive there is is at least two standung today , but they are not being used for that purpose
the big house on the corner of pebble mill and further along the bristol rd was another for girls
they was sent there by the courts and the other one which i beleive was way back in the forties
if not even before that and it was called a remand home .then as years progressed it changed to a commutity home , right up until the seventies before they closed it down and irs been emptied and boared up for the last decade
i wonder why the council have done nothink before now to reopen and use it for somethink else
have a nice day every body astonian ;;;;