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Botanical Gardens


master brummie
The Cannon Hill park thread reminded me about the Botanical Gardens in Edgbaston. I suppose it was because both were in that part of the city. As a youngster I remember going to the Botanical Gardens there a couple of times, it was interesting because it was unusual I am sure. However, it did not have the bustle and excitement of the city centre. ;)


master brummie
Some years ago when I was a member of the BWS we held Christmas Art auctions at the Botanical Gardens in aid of the Birmingham Mail Christmas Tree fund, 25% to the Fund, 25% to the Botanical Gardens and the remaining 50% to the artist the auctioneer was the late Ernie Biddle of Biddle and Webb who gave his services free, a real nice man. One of my paintings went for £375 (a lot of money in the 90's) the most I have ever received for a painting, it was of the Church at Berkswell and bought by a couple who were married there. Happy days. Eric


ell brown on Flickr
Another event on now with animated extinct creatures, this time from the Ice Age. It opened yesterday. I kept getting emails, first for 20% off (didn't book it then), then they emailed me 40% off early bird for this weekend, so I went Saturday morning.

Just a small highlight, see the full gallery on my Flickr.


Sabre Toothed Cat

Woolly Rhinoceros


American Cheetah and Siberian Unicorn



ell brown on Flickr
Also some non Ice Age photos.

Bandstand of 1873.

Alpine Yard (in development)

Historic Gardens. Tudor Garden on the right. Medieval and Roman Gardens to the left.


A Sparks

master brummie
Nice photos of the animals but I think they might have been displayed a little better - what are those strange white things with the round grill in them?!


ell brown on Flickr
Was a free Heritage Open Day on Sunday 15th September 2019 during Birmingham Heritage Week. Some photos I've got up so far.

Tropical House

Subtropical House

Mediterranean House

Arid House

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