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Bordesley Green Primary School / Bordesley Green Council School


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Im after info about Bordesley Green Primary School, formely known as Bordesley Green Council School when first opened. It is located on the corner of Marchmont Road and Bordesley Green. Any info about this school would be great.


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Hi Glenjamin I remember the school but it was a senior school for girls in the late fifties don't know when it changed


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Bordesley Green Primary School 1958.jpg
This was my first school photograph at Bordesley Green Primary, Drummond Road, Birmingham taken in 1958. Miss Moore was the class teacher.
Bordesley Green Primary School 1959.jpgBordesley Green Primary School 1960.jpgBordesley Green Primary School 1960s 1.jpgBordesley Green Primary School 1960s 2.jpg
..... and here are a few more. Enjoy.
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Bordesley Green School, 1922. All the children are looking directly and intently at the photographer. They've obviously been told to sit up straight and several have their hands behind their backs. Others seem to have chosen to ignore this!! Viv.



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A few posts have been moved to this thread above from an earlier thread "school photos". Viv.

For info the History Online info:

BORDESLEY GREEN COUNTY PRIMARY SCHOOL. Bordesley Green Bd. Sch. opened 1902 by Birm. Sch. Bd. Accom. 1,038 M, I. Reorganized 1931, 1932 for SG, JI. JI dept. closed 1941; buildings used by Civil Defence and from 1947 to 1951 by I dept. of Blakenhale Cty. Primary Sch. S dept. became a separate sch. 1945 (see next sch.). Reopened 1950 in temporary accom. for 2 classes of I in Yardley Green Methodist Church, Blake Lane. Returned to old premises 1951 and reorganized for JI. Accom. 1961: 9 classrooms, hall.


Unveiling the WW1 Roll of Honour. Viv.

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An interesting addition to the thread, Vivienne, thank you. But the date seems to carry the year 1914, a year in which November 21st was a Saturday! Bordesley Green Grammar Technical School was opened in September 1937 as Bordesley Green Junior Technical School.
I can only assume that your interesting photograph refers to Bordesley Green Junior and Infants' School.

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