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Booths Farm


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alas no viv...the best i got was an old rusty spoon:rolleyes:iwould like to bet there are still a few coins knocking around though


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I'm on the committee of Great Barr, Beeches and Perry Barr Neighbourhood Planning Forum. I'm trying to find information about the development of the area from rural to urban..especially the Booths Farm area where I believe the woodland was ripped out for housing but houses built had large gardens..how was this planned etc. I would be grateful for any pointers on this type of history or where I can research it.


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If you type Booths Farm into the search box there's quite a few photos and information in different threads available.


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If you go to this web site https://www.old-maps.co.uk/#/ and enter an appropriate post code you will see a modern map on the rhs but on the lhs will be a selection of maps through the years, click on a map from lhs and it will appear on the right. You can then see how the area has changed. Some scales are better than others. To get the best magnification you need a subscription but I find it is clear enough without one.
Alternatively you can use this site https://maps.nls.uk/os/6inch-england-and-wales/index.html you can choose the middle option and use the large blue dot to move from modern to old to see change. Or use the top for individual maps.


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Here’s an article from the Birmingham Daily Gazette of 28 March 1933 about a ‘small’ wood affected by the development. Viv.