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Bombing of Ash Road Saltley


knowlegable brummie
Hi There.

This may be a long shot, but does anyone know roughly when during the war Ash Road in Saltley was bombed?

Any help greatly appreciated.


Ancient Brummie
There may have been other bombings of Ash Road, but there were two houses bombed which resulted in fatalities. 19/11/40 (no.153) and 10/4/41(no.53).


knowlegable brummie
Thanks Icarus, Thats interesting reading and very useful information the house i was interested in was number 132. All I was told was that no one died I think. But the house was completely burned to the ground.


master brummie
I moved to Ash Road in the mid 1950's to a new Council Flat. There were three blocks nos. 51, 53 and 55. We lived in flat 1/55 which was the last block (oposite St. Saviours Church). over the road on the corner of Ash Road and Hall Road were masionettes, also built in the 50's

At the top of Ash Road (towards Bordesley Green) there was quite a few Masionettes on both sides which I understand were also built on "bomb sites"


knowlegable brummie
Thank Sue,

I wondered when the flats were built, where the flats opposite on the corner of hall Road is I think where my families house was If I have counted the houses right. Do you have any photos of the area at the time you moved there?:)


master brummie
Sorry I don't have any photos.

I've just been looking on Google maps, going up the road with the church on the left there are some "new" houses built next to the church and then the old house numbers start around 150. Coming back down to road the same side, the last old house before Hall Road is number 64. So I think 132 would have been further up, the other side of St Savious Church.

The site where our flats were is now called City View.


Ancient Brummie
At the end of the war, the houses still occupied were....

(New flats built c1950?)
(New maisonettes built c1950?)

52-64 (corner of Hall Road)
(New Maisonettes built c1950?)

I knew the area fairly well and knew quite a few families in Ash Road in the 50s/60s


knowlegable brummie
Thanks Guys,
For all your help it's really useful, I wonder if anyone else out there has stories of the Blitz in Ash Road?


knowlegable brummie
Bombing of Ash Road and St Saviour's Cemetery


Does anybody have any dates when the St Saviour's Church Cemetery was bombed?

Talking to the vicar there last summer who told me that cemetery suffered a large crater when German bombers dropped bombers on the cemetery whilst trying to hit Saltley sidings. Unfortunately for me this was the area where my relatives had there family grave.

Any help appreciated.

Kind regards - Joe Burke


New Member
hi my nan winifred edwards lived at 153 ash road saltley she lived with her mother edith winter thomas winter and her sister harriet jones and her husband walter jones walters mother mary jones also lived with them. harriet and walter had a son frederick jones. i have got this information from the 1911 census anyone have any idea or know of these people.

many thanks teresa

researching edwards saunders winter and jones.


Super Moderator
Staff member
The only person registered on the electoral roll for 1912 at 153 Ash Road is an amy allbright. I'm very unknowledgable about the 1912 rolls with regard to women. They didn't have the vote but were included for owning the property (I think), so amy was probably the owner, not the resident

Steve Crathorn

master brummie
I have just been looking at this thred and number 153 Ash Road rang a bell. My wife's Grt Nan and Grandad lived in Ash Road at number 157. I know that they (William James Griffin and Ellen Mary Jane Griffin) lived there from 1920 until 1938. William passed away on the 22nd May 1937. Ellen then must have moved in to 153 to live with her daughter Amy Lily Woodward and son in law John Henry Woodward.
Does anyone remember the family?
Where can i get information from about number 153 being bombed?




master brummie
I lived in the flats at number 155. We moved in when the flats were newly built around 1955. The people living at 157 were Mr and Mrs Payne and they were still there when we left in 1967.


gone but not forgotten
Steve, The names of the three people killed at 153 Ash Road, can be found on the Swanshurst/Barra site.


It lists
Stanley Bowyer
Martha Hartill
Elizabeth Ann Jervis
I cannot post a direct link to the page there is a fault, so you need to enter Ash Road in the Location of Injury search box.
Hope that helps


Steve Crathorn

master brummie
Thanks very much Colin. I have just viewed the site. It looks as if the Woodwards/Griffin family had a lucky escape. They probaly moved shortly before this happened. The next time that i am in the Birmingham Reference Library i'll try and find a write up on the incident.




Born & Bred Brummie

Wartime restrictions on reporting during the war were very severe, at most bombing raids and damage caused to Birmingham were reported as "Damage to a town in the Midlands" with no mention of the exact location, sometimes you can get an idea of the location from photographs in the papers...

As an aside, there resides in the Birmingham Archives a number of boxes filled with photographs of war time damage to Birmingham, most of the photographs have the location on the rear, you might well be lucky there.

Steve Crathorn

master brummie
Thanks for that information dib. I was thinking that it may have been mentioned in the Birmingham Post/mail. I'll have a look anyway.

Thanks again