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bomb damage photos


master brummie
Sorry for the picture quality as these are clippings from an old scrapbook given to me.


master brummie
Is the Vincent Street in post 34 the same one that is classed as Sparkbrook in the 1939 electoral rolls? The reason I ask is that mom was bombed out from Vincent Street Sparkbrook in 1940 and looking at the poics, I think I can spot my nan and Uncle Stan on them - they lived at 90 Vincent Street, seems a bit of a coincidence and I can't find another Vincent Street in Brum.


Retired Layabout

I know it has been a long time in answering this query, but I have only just seen it. Yes I think Vincent Street came under Sparkbrook in the electoral rolls, well Percy Shurmer was our MP and he represented the Birmingham Sparkbrook constituency. I believe that the only other Vincent Street in Birmingham was St Vincent Street in the Ladywood area.


gone but not forgotten
Hi Phil
What year are you thinking of regarding spark brook unless there was one ,the only one I can recall is or should I say it was in Ladywood
I also recall shurmer as well unless some one like mike as got a map of old spark brook because Ladywood is a good distance from
Spark brook there is Lee bank seperating from Ladywood then high gate and then in the old records of boundrys was known as balsall heath
And spark brook is way yo under from the Stratford rd and stone lane and Walford red end coming back to the city was spark hill
And spark brook then deritend. ,digbeth back to Bradford street and broad street then Ladywood
And Vincent street was between sheepcote street and old Ladywood rd and still is
Have a nice day Phil astonian,,,,


master brummie
In my old Wakelin's Street Guide there is only one Vincent Street, running from 425 Moseley Road to Wenman Street, B12.
There are also Vincent Parade , off 292 Balsall Heath Road, and Vincent Crescent off 270 Balsall Heath Road. B12.


Retired Layabout

I mentioned St Vincent Street Ladywood, but I think the only Vincent Street was in Balsall Heath which was in the Birmingham Sparkbrook Constituency. Which can be seen here running from Moseley Rd to Edward Rd, part of this street remains today in name only.



gone but not forgotten
Hi sylvi
What years is your wakelin book you can restasured there was more than one vincent street as we say there was one in Ladywood and is still there for hears
Our kid lived down the bottom of it in light thorn avenue until he died a couple of hears back his kids and is wife my sister in law
Still live down there and today they nick named gun slinger alley and Vincent street today is very undesirable to street to walk at most time
During the day yet alone at evening you would not want to risk walking after darkl
And I recall Vincent street from my school days before they rebuilt I am just trying to replace in my mind where about this Vincent street is or was
As I used to repo houses for certain estate agents on mosely village and for building Societys which was on mosely village on mosely road
And balsall heath road crosses as I think about it there may have been one further along back down on the opersite side of the mosely road baths
There was a little church or school and a company that does transverse and sticker possibly called globe transverse
Have a nice day best wishes. Alan. ,,,,astonian,,,,


Ex-pat Brummie
I can't help you with Vincent Street, but I lived next door to the Knowle Road bomb site - three months AFTER the bomb fell!

A great play site - lots of materials with which to build dens. The Anderson shelter in the back garden was permanently flooded so we were on duckboarding above about two feet of water. But even that seemed better than sitting out a raid in my grandmother's coal cellar!



gone but not forgotten
Hi Phil
Many thanks for putting me correct on that its just the local people around there do not use the saint bit
They just refers it ASD Vincent street and I myself for years missed out the saint bit
Once again Phil thanks Alan. Astonian,,,,,


Retired Layabout

When I was about 6 years of age I wandered off from my grandmothers house in Vincent Street, after wandering around for hours I walked in to a hairdressers shop and asked for directions to Vincent Street. Believe it or not I was in St Vincent Street and it took for ages to convince a gathering crowd that it was another Vincent Street I was looking for. Thankfully the hairdresser called the police and I was returned to my mother after a short but thrilling ride in a police car.


gone but not forgotten
Hi Phil
I most certainly can believe you because that area as change dramicly especially the streets all those pure war house was demolished
Right across Ladywood monument rd right up through Ladywood and through to broad street and through and down to sun street west Lee bank
Lesam street and the old picture house virtually all the building in fact of Ladywood as kids we tattered all those old houses
That ever stood in Ladywood and after the war searching for any helmets gas masked lamps we found loads of things
You name we was in there down these cellar. In fact there I have seen every part of Ladywood change step by step street by street
Right through to the city believe or not seen the shops and
Pubs and factories disappearing bit by bit and as for the small king Edwards rd where we was brought up and the surrounding streets
Its beyond beggers belief if some of our forum member went back that area meaning Springfield street stout street more so
And the st marks street and beyond down to the city up to the nia they would not believe they are seeing
And say what on earth was all that mess for a complete bodge desicrated the area
Any way Phil I will not waffle on I surprise we have to take it or lump it ASD the old saying goes and they call it progress
Well if you weren't to little king Edwards red and more so stout street I think one would scream
Yes all those pure war houses when you walked down and around all looked the same to a stranger in the street
Thanks again Phil for pointing out maybe the saint. Bit was add years later Alan,, astonian,,,,,,



The street in Ladywood was Saint Vincent Street, not just Vincent Street.
Interestingly however, BOTH Vincent Streets (in Ladywood-post 51-AND Balsall Heath) have a "Tindal Street" of one kind or another in their immediate vicinity.