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Bloosmbury st, Fire Station


master brummie
Hi, Does any one rember the fire station was over the way from the Library Bloosmbury st, Nechells ..

dek carr

gone but not forgotten
Hello Pinky although we all called the Library Bloomsbury St it was in fact on the corner of Lingard St opposite the Fire Station.Dek


master brummie
Hello Dek , Thank you for the picture wonderful ... im doing a scrap book for my children were i was brought up in the 1950s Nechells and were about .. i can put the Lingard st .. Roberta :)


master brummie
Just found this thread.

Remember the fire station well in Lingard St.After collecting coal off the railway line at the back of my Nans in Goodrick St.We were chased off by railway police.
I jumped of the bank but caught my thigh on a long nail.This put a long gash up my Left thigh. I Was rushed round the fire station were they put11 stitches in the leg.they made a really good job of it.This was IN1947.

IN 2015 Ihad to have a Left hip Op And the surgeon asked if I had had it done before.After telling him the story he said the fireman who did the stitching would have made a good Surgeon