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Birth indexes


master brummie
Hi all,

If an entry in the birth indexes only states the sex of the child and a surname, for example: Smith Female 6d 123, should we presume that the child was stillborn or died shortly after birth?



true brummie
i would have thought it meant the parents hadnt picked a name yet but see what others think :rolleyes:

Ann B

As Shera says, it means they haven't chosen a name yet. It is always worth checking these, if you are having difficulty finding a birth.
Still births are registered on a serperate register that is not viewable by the general public. And any child that did not live long, had to be registered for a birth and a death seperately.

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Ex-pat Brummie
Shera is correct, although, of course, it could be a child that had died shortly after birth too, but that shouldn't automatically be assumed.

These days many of the busier registrars insist that you make an appopintment to register the birth, quite often some weeks after the birth. Hence there are fewer unnamed children as the delay allows them plenty of time to select a name!

Also allow for the fact that the father may not be around at the time of the birth, at sea or working away from home perhaps, so not available to partake in choosing the name immediately after the birth.



Jackie Hill

Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
I have a Certificate without a name on, in the index it just states Male, if you didn't register with in the time limit you where fined, that is why sometimes you find older people relate to two dates for their birthday, there was no check like the midwife sending in details of births, so if you were late you would just pick another date that fitted in with the limit

I was told you could have the name put on once you had picked one, but years ago a birth certificate never ment much, so most times people never bothered