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Birmingham & West Bromwich ancestors


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Hello. As a new kid on the forum I'm late to this thread but would like to say my mother was a Blackham from Balsall Heath. My 3xgt.grandfather was Basil Spencer Blackham born Dover, 1801 to parents John and Martha. He married Maria Moore then Lydia Crowson, both in Birmingham. He was a gun implement maker. I'm descended from Basil - Benjamin - Francis Benjamin - Benjamin (my grandfather). I'm happy to share any info I have on my line and would be interested in anything new.

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I remember a Fred Sedgley, a lovely man who worked at F.C. Thacker Ltd, it was a printing factory and he was a manager there
Hello Patricia, I'm a bit late finding this, but Mr Sedgley was my immediate boss in my first job at F.C. Thacker. Very very thin and gaunt. Nice enough, although he did criticise me, a girl of 16, for not battling through a heavy fall of snow to get to work one day. He said as there were no buses, and the walk from my area into town was steep, so impracticable to walk along the roads, that I should have walked through the park. Imagine that at 5.30pm on a dark winter's evening trudging back on my.