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Birmingham Superprix And Birmingham Motoring Festivals


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Approaching the 27th Anniversary of the first Birmingham Super Prix, May I bring to the attention of forum users (and proud Brummies alike) a new on Amazon based around a failed revival attempt.
It's called Monaco of the Midlands by Alex Dennistoun, and it's well worth a read if you have any lingering affection for the Super Prix....

ariel badger

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A couple of years ago I was on crutches and decided to walk the circuit for exercise and to see what signs are left. The most obvious is the weird Island by Central Mosque but there are still holes in the pavement for much of the course for fixing the barriers and most remarkably a gravel trap at the rear of the wholesale market. I was told last week that the grass bank br Bristol St Motors was planted with bulbs that said "Superprix" and it can still be seen in spring.


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If my memory serves me well!!! prior to the Sunday activities there was an ''open day'' where Victoria Square & Colmore Row were turned inti a Pits/Paddock Area.
There was a lot of interest in a UOP Shadow DN-4 Can Am Racing Car.
It later took the Lord Mayor leading the cavacade around the city centre
Does anyone remember this car or hopefully have any photos especially of this particular car.
It was painted all black with white decals.
Hope someone can help
This could be a start for you Vivienne.


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Thanks Alan. I just can’t place it as the house in the background (right) looks residential. Not often seen in terms of Birmingham City Centre in the 1980s. Viv.


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I think the start was on Bristol Street but not sure exactly where. When we went it was so wet and cold I can't even remember where we stood. Will have to ask my other half!