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Birmingham Superprix And Birmingham Motoring Festivals


proper brummie kid
I am currently researching into the Birmingham Motoring Festivals that took place in 1970, 1972, 1975, 1978, 1980 and 1984.

Also I am looking into the important years of the Birmingham Superprix from 1986-1990.

Perhaps my website could jog some memories amongst you!


And a website covering the 1978 Birmingham Motoring Festival:


Also ColinB have produced some lovely photos from the 1978 and 1984 Birmingham Motoring Festivals as well at the 1987 Birmingham Superprix.






I am wondering if anyone got any information or even photos/videos from the Motoring Festivals or the Superprixs? I look forward to your replies. :D

Thank you


proper brummie kid
Aha, I uploaded those Superprix videos on YouTube. I am 'lemanslegend' from YouTube you see! Thank you for your reply though.


gone but not forgotten
Birmingham Superprix, sorry not sure what years I went to them all

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proper brummie kid
Wonderful photos! I had problem opening the photo of the red F3000 car in the first post you made.

EDIT>> Ah you have edited your post.

So far I can see you went to 1987 and 1989 Birmingham Superprix. Could you tell me which of the photos was during practice or qualifying or the race. Maybe it would be easier if you could tell me where you sat during practice, qualifying or race so I can work it out myself.

Hope you got a few more up in your sleeve! ;-)

Mike Fisher

Billesley Boy
there was also a motoring film evening at the Town Hall and a motor show at Bristol Street Motors with a Le Mans GT40 , I seem to remember a motor show at Bingley Hall

Bill Parker

master brummie
When I see images like this I always imagine some bloke out with the family in their saloon ,driver with pipe firmly clenched between his teeth and actually overtaking all the hightly tuned competitors. Or alternativly the same car same family accidently getting involved in the race. The driver says to his wife " good grief Mytle anyone would think we are in a flamin race"


gone but not forgotten
bigears, I've found three VHS videos of the television coverage of Super Prix's, but haven't been able to view them yet, no one's got a video player that works, would you be interested in taking copies from them.



Brummie babby
If my memory serves me well!!! prior to the Sunday activities there was an ''open day'' where Victoria Square & Colmore Row were turned inti a Pits/Paddock Area.
There was a lot of interest in a UOP Shadow DN-4 Can Am Racing Car.
It later took the Lord Mayor leading the cavacade around the city centre
Does anyone remember this car or hopefully have any photos especially of this particular car.
It was painted all black with white decals.
Hope someone can help


proper brummie kid
That is very interesting, never knew that there was an open day so the people can wonder around the paddock area to have a gander at the cars.

I got very few photos from the 1975 and 1978 event and I would love to see some rare photos out there.


master brummie
I have already put my append below on another forum, but I will put it here as well in case it interests others

I went to the first Birmingham race in 1986.

I am not a race fan at all, but wanted to go and see it. I also took some photos (probably not very good ones) that I will see if I can dig out. I have not seen them for years.

One of the difficulties of staging an event like this, round suburban streets, is fencing it so that people cannot get in for nothing, but so the people who live in the area can still get in and out of their houses to go shopping or go to the pub or whatever.

I remember the council had to erect miles and miles of fencing, to separate the "racing area" from the general public "outside". People living in the area were given "passes" to prove they lived there and to allow them in and out of the area via special gates.

I did not fancy paying to get in so decided to walk round and find somewhere where I could get in for nothing. I eventually found a place on Belgrave Middleway (near the Central Mosque) where the road goes over the river.

It is of course very difficult to "fence in" a river so I was able to climb along a wall and get in the racing area for nothing.

As is common knowledge, the practice race was due to start at around 9 a.m. but was delayed till nearly midday.

Afterwards the council blamed "vandals" for interfering with the safety barriers, but I was standing on part of the circuit where the barriers were not in place at all and the council workers were working hard to erect them between 9am and midday.

I was very annoyed with the council next day for blaming vandals when it seemed to be their own inability to get the barriers up in time.

I had not visited any sort of race (F1 or F3) before and before the racing started I remember seeing the marshalls with their ear defenders on and thinking "cowards".

But then the race started and the cars began going past and I could not believe the NOISE. It hurt my ears.

I was trying to crouch down next to the track to take pictures, but every time a car went past it hurt the ear nearest the track so much I had to put a finger in it.

After a while I was having to try to take pictures holding the camera with one hand and with a finger in my ear from the other hand.

After a while the noise became too much (and I was having concerns about the long term effect on my hearing) so I left.

I never went to any of the other races.

As I said, I have some pictures somewhere, but finding them may be difficult.

Couple of other things.

At one end of Belgrave Middleway, where it meets Highgate Middleway (there are a few large shops there like PC World) is a large roundabout. This roundabout was "chopped" in half (half the grass removed) as it formed part of the racing circuit. If you go there now, or look at it on Google maps, you can still see the "half" a roundabout, left over from the race.

The starting point for the race was on Bristol Street, the side going west - out of the city centre (there used to be a couple of car showrooms there). The painting on the road to show the position of each car was there for YEARS after the racing finished, although it has probably all worn away by now (or been resurfaced).


proper brummie kid
A very interesting story about the missing barriers. The official story from the council said that vandals got into the circuit over the night and loosen the nuts/bolts of the Armco barriers, hence the delays on Sunday morning for the F3000 practice.

But then as pieces of barriers are suppose to overlap in the racing direction but your story makes sense as you had to hop in over the small river near the mosque. You said there was some missing barriers and the council was working quickly to get them sorted.

Unfortunately, there is a story (no real proof) that a sportscar went out of control down Belgrave Middleway and hit the barriers but some of the barriers didn't overlay correctly (they were overlapped in the direction of normal road traffic, not the racing direction and caused this:

The driver amazingly escaped with minor burns and the car literally melted due to the ferocity of the inferno!