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Birmingham Steam Buses 1824-1910.


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In Lloyds own words
However, this has b. all to do with steam buses.
It seems that Birmingham Steam Buses 1824-1910 thread have run out of steam, as a result the thread is now closed.
Should any of the contributers to this thread have any further relevant material they wish to post they will need to contact a member of the moderating team



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I have replaced all (I think) my attached items . I have copied a lot of others contributions, so if any other persons contributions may be in my files


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Well done, Mike!

Whilst of interest to a minority only this was always a thread which contained a wealth of assembled information on this particular subject. It represents an invaluable archive which BHF offers to a world of surfers beyond our own membership.

I imagine that it is unlikely that images originally posted by one or two of the main contributors will ever be replaced by them; and so, if you have any of them and the time and inclination.....!!



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If anyone has any particular ones of interest I will do so straight away. but i still have about 1200 of my own (from originally about 1800) to go through, so it might be a while before i get round to the whole thing


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It was a terrible loss when the photos were deleted and I would like to thank you Mike for all the work you have been doing in replacing photos. I know that there are others working away at this and we owe all of you a great debt of gratitude.


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Re: Associates of Dr Church 1832-1837.

Samuel Aspinwall Goddard c-1880.jpg
SAG c.1880

I know it was a couple of years ago, but I have just come across your posts relating to my Gr Gr Grandfather Samuel Aspinwall Goddard, (1796-1886) The Birmingham Steam Buses & Dr Church and his Cannon, who settled in Birmingham after 1817 from Brookiline Mass. USA He originally went into business in England in Liverpool and then Birmingham with his brother Joseph Goddard but after they went bankrupt and Joseph quickly returned to the USA to New York, SAG stayed in Birmingham married a Liverpool woman Jemina Bachope had a large family and remained there in business, mostly in the armaments business designing, building and selling them for most of the rest of his long life. He knew Dr William Church, Henry van Wart, Edwin Vernon Blyth and Washington Irving and was for a time the US Consul General in Birmingham and his uncle Thomas Aspinwall was US Consul in London from the end of the war of 1812 until 1853. he was very political and an advocate for the ordinary person but never ran for parliament, and also gained British citizenship through a private Act of parliament. We are desended from the Goddard's of Nth Wiltshire and family members still own estates and titles in that county to this day. I hope this is of interest, I have a great many of his papers and diaries.

Malcolm L Goddard
e. [email protected]


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Hello Yes would like to help with John Hill 1796-1864
he needs some credit too..
Have genalogy info but just discovered this wonderful info about his Locomotive patent.
He worked for Brunell and had a famous son and was married to Ann Burstsall contact me please
Heather Hill