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Birmingham Schools Football History / & photos


knowlegable brummie
I reckon Grahpack was a couple of years younger than us Bob but I'm sure I played with or against him somewhere along the line-maybe Sunday football or something


Brummie babby
Following on from David re: BGTS team, here's 1 plus the Sunday league team we formed from the VERY successful school team. I notice there's a flying right winger pictured top left on the school photo and again bottom left on the Sunday team. Plus, I have to say, a big butch goalie 4th from the left on the Sunday team. Probably DB!!!



Brummie babby
“Big butch goalie is a bit over the top”. I played for BGTS under 13,s in 58-59, And 59-60. One or the other. I still have the medals. We were the first team to win both the Federation Cup and the Birmingham Schools final at Henry Road Playing fields. Mr Williams was in charge and I remember him feeding us Dextrosol before the extra time period in the Federation Cup, during which I made a great save pushing the ball onto the post and collecting the rebound. We won 2-1.
Other players I remember were, John Allen, Laurie Paterson, Tony Owen, Roger Morgan, Toby Jones. I remember Dave Fowler in the later years, mainly because on he and John Holden owned cars when in the sixth form.
Great days which continued through school and the onwards to the BGTSOB team that had success in either the Birmingham Coronation league or Jubilee league…..I can’t remember exactly. We played teams such as Mackadown Rovers, and another rival that I don’t remember but for whom John Whittle played in goal. John used to live next to me when I was in primary.
Glebe Farm rec was a frequent venue for our Sunday Games
Kind regards
Tony Annis


New Member
I insert an unconventional pic (succumbed to the lure of colourisation), of a very non-league team, though I'd think these chaps would be in a league of their own. From about 1922 by a great-uncle, just passing - I'm sure the boys asked him to take their photo, & arranged themselves into this charming group. He lived in Bankes Rd, Small Heath & they must be young budding Brummy footballers - some of them, perhaps!


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knowlegable brummie
I don't know about the likeness! You used to wear specs as I remember Bobrob and I feel you should get your eyes tested-Specsavers are good or the French equivalent


proper brummie kid
Ok, I've posted this in another section and it should be in here really, I'll put names to it if anyone recognises themselves.
Its St Thomas of Canterbury school ,Erdington aka The Abbey.

Click on the pick at the bottom


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micky hockley

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Just as a contribution.

I went to Pheasey County Secondary Modern which , in fact, iis n Staffordshire. Back in the day as we were (and still is) border landers - we never knew whether to speak Black Country or Brummie - we played in the Aston Schools League. This made complete sense as we were 2 miles or so from the many North Bham schools in (now) Kinsgstanding Birchfield, Beeches etc, while an away fixture in Staffs would have taken us to Aldridge, Walsall, Pelsall etc, a day trip in those days. I cannot recall any honours for the team or individual players, 1959-64.

I was a left half (No 6 for the unknowing) with a Dick Neal (BCFC) attitude to defence and attack. I am sure I still carry life time injuries from those times! I went on to play for some Sunday Festival League youth teams but was never a regular selection despite my exquisite skills as a 'caggy' footer!

So, I took up refereeing and have the honour of sending off a player on 30 seconds of a game for foul and abusive language. Birmingham parks - Aldridge Road, Perry Hall, Perry Barr, Kingstanding etc and no doubt all Birmingham Parks recs., had a strict ruling about bad language in public parks that may influence children to swear and adults to be upset. I officiated in BHam Works (Sat) and Festival League (a.m. and p.m.). Crickey! I must have been fit. Occasionally refereed Wednesday afternoons - markets and showmen teams league. I reached Level 2 but in moving away was unable to tread the path to Wembley or the World Cup and retired gracefully at 24. I did once line at Villa Park back in the day when Villa took on Blues in a City Cup friendly pre-season. No, not lining in this match but a short game of 15 yr olds before the big match. as we finished our game there was 30,000 in the ground. Great experience!

My cousin, however John Ostins - Cardinal Wiseman, the kind of dominating centre half that was around in those days, played for Aston Schools and later played for Aston Villa Amateurs but declined and offer to join Walsall as a pro as he and family felt that the security of a 9-5 job was paramount. John went on to play for clubs in the Festival Sunday

Now, wheres my Thunderer whistle!! (made in Birmingham)