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Birmingham Schools Football History / & photos


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Names of lads in stripes are as follows Standing left to right myself Vic Fellows,Fred Spencer,Jeff Clarke,(D) He would not wear the kit because he was a Wolves supporter!! John Aston, David Adams,Graham Kendall(D) ,Billy Lello,Dennis Hunt, Brian Williams. Seated Bob Beech, Mr, Harrison Headmaster who lived into his 100,s Alan Herbert(D) . Harvey H. Jones teacher, Norman Maybury , (1955/56) Other names in plain strip- Back row Norman Maybury, Brian Jones,John Aston,Leslie Wild, Billy Jones (D) David Adams, Ronnie Drew. Middle row- Arthur Wild, Mr.Harrison Headmaster.Jeff Clarke(D) Mr. Sandford Mickey Spencer. Seated Dennis Hopkins, Barry Holland (D) I have probably cocked it up but at least I had a go!!!
Thank you ,Billy Jones was my uncle so nice to see that photo

Arnold Mason

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Here's another one, bob. This is Bordesley Green Junior School 1st Eleven 1958/59. We were averagely successful but I can't recall having won any trophies.
What I do remember is picking the ball out of the back of the net in a game against Alston Road Junior School TEN times! They were a one-man team; a massive lad with red hair - John Pennington - either made or scored nearly all of them. A year later, I had the pleasure of playing in the same team as my humiliator. He, like me, went to Bordesley Green Tech. John appears in the photo I posted above (Post #2); he's the lad with the ball between his feet. Truly a gifted player. I lost track of John when he left school in 1963, but he could very well have gone on to even greater things on a soccer pitch. David

PS Thanks for the adjective, Winger. I'll never pass the ball to you again !!!

Arnold Mason

master brummie
My cousin Robert Fenton is sitting on the front row second from left. He still loves his football. He lives in Solihull and
follows Birmingham City. As a youngster he had his name in The Argus and he has never lived it down.