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Birmingham Parish workhouse 1730-1840


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A book with the above title has just been published.. the author is the late Chris Upton, though I gather that it was not complete at the time of his death, and was completed by Dr. Ian Cawood. I have only just received my copy and have not yet had a chance to fully study it, but it seems a very comprehensive book, of 261 pages, produced to an excellent standard, and full of detail on all matters of the parish , such as (taken at random) that workers on support from the workhouse and working at Key Hill sand Quarry in 1829 were paid 3 farthings (0.75 old pence) per barrow of sand if the sand was dry , or 1 old pence if it were wet, and were each allowed to earn between 5 and 7 shillings a week. this book is definitely going to be a mine of information