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Birmingham on Sea


gone but not forgotten
Weston Super Mare has been a Holiday destination for Millions of of Brummies over the years and Its' 2 Piers were a popular spot to visit until 1994, when sadly, Birnbeck Pier was closed to the Public on H&S grounds...However, there Is now a Facebook Group called "Lets save Birnbeck Pier" who have teamed up with The National Piers Society to try and save this magnificent structure from complete ruin.
I thought that there might be a few of you out there who may be Interested In what the future holds for Birnbeck or indeed Its illustrious past.....


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It has my vote as well as John Cleese and Timothy West.

Memories of boarding the Britannia for a day trip to Barry Island and back circa 1948 perhaps (see https://www.paddlesteamers.info/Britannia.htm) and going with my grandfather to see the engine room and paddle wheels. Also trips from there to Flat Holm.


As seen in 2010 nothing that a good lick of paint wouldn't fix though I suspect this might be a bridge too far.

That said Clevedon was in a similar sorry state until their "buy a plank" offer coupled with your name engraved on a plate nailed to the floorboards in return.

Famous also for an episode of Eddie Shoestring (aka Trevor Eve) from our old Sony Black and White TV days. (see https://rhevans.co.uk/shoestringfilminglocations/S1E9FindLady.html)


Thank you Speedwing, it's so sad that it has been allowed to get into such a state! I thought there had been plans to restore it, probably it has become too expensive.

Peg Monkey

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Brean Down, again?!!
My father, a South Wales Miner who came to Birmingham in the 40s to seek his fortune, and my mother, a born and bred brummie daughter of a Hockley Jeweller, didn't always have a meeting of minds when it came to our annual holiday destination. From my age 0-14 nearly every year was spent in a caravan at Brean Down, my father, who was, of course, pay-rolling the jolly always exercised his powers of veto - Brean Down here we come again!
Ah! Happy Days.
My apologies in advance if Brean Down is where you achieve your Nirvana

PS Is the fort still standing?

Brean caravan.jpg
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Lady Penelope

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My last visit to Weston-super-Mare was with my Mom for a Turkey and Tinsel weekend as part of Fisher & Ludlow's club. She was in her late 80's. The hotel we stayed in was opposite the Marina and I've got a feeling it bore that name too. It had seen better days and all the rooms had been partitioned to create en-suites and more bedrooms so the walls were thinner than the originals. I used to creep off to bed to read my book and be dozing off around midnight when the revellers would return from bingo and dancing. Lots of talking and flushing later I managed to get to sleep. Next thing I know the tele is on next door (6am-ish) and everyone is raring to go again. Down for breakfast and a walk along the prom to get a coffee, somewhere for lunch, then afternoon tea and cake, back to the hotel to get ready for the evening (everyone looking really smart) down for a 3 course meal and more bingo and dancing! Mom was using a wheelchair at the time and liked to 'go for a walk' after our evening meal. So back down the prom went I, pushing Mom, luckily it's flat. Nobody else seemed to be flagging, only me - I did wonder if they had a supply of foo-foo pills somewhere!
They were a lovely crowd and sadly I think they have all gone now.