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Birmingham on Sea


master brummie
It must have been the one down the road across from the baths .They have a small pool,the only other camp i think has apool, is at the far end of the sea front


master brummie
A picture of the workmen who have just started to repair the old inshore lighthouse.This is now not in use but the lower part are residentual properties.
You need a head for hieghts for this job. The lighthouse is on the road between Burnham and Brean.


proper brummie kid
Does anyone remember Priscilla the swan on Burnham Pier in the 50s? Does anyone have a photo? (For the uninitiated, Priscilla was a large motorised swan that took children for rides around the pier)


master brummie
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Hi Rushburn: Here is a photo of Priscilla the swan. Though on the beach and not on the pier. Our family had a caravan holiday in the
1950's at Burnham-on-Sea. I remember Priscilla but didn't have a ride on her. With three children in the family I suppose the families
holiday budget didn't run to all the things we wanted to do.
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proper brummie kid
Many thanks Jennyann. Although my grandfather had a caravan site at Brean, we used to stay at the Retreat Caravan Site at the north end of Burnham. This was more or less behind the old lighthouse on the beach.


I haven't seen that one before, thanks Dave. I used to like going onto Birnbeck Pier, I think mentioned before there was a display of radios there just before it closed.


gone but not forgotten
Circa 1949-1950, my bro and I taken outside the entrance of the Grand Pier by the resident photographer with the old harbour (fuzzy) in the background. Always stayed at the Melrose Hotel nearby, now a car park!

Clearly my parents presented the ticket and collected this print at the end of the week from the hut at the end of the pier.

Eight thirty Midland Red coach from Digbeth via Cheltenham


gone but not forgotten
Yesterday 29th January 2014


Tide out, mud in, normal for WSM

Brave souls last seen heading toward Barry Island

paul stacey

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I only visited WSM once, there was a local RAF camp, I had a job to do, and visited it. I have to say I thought it a desolate place, but based on a winters rainy day though.paul


master brummie
I only visited WSM once, there was a local RAF camp, I had a job to do, and visited it. I have to say I thought it a desolate place, but based on a winters rainy day though.paul
There was a small airfield, where the DH Comet was tested, on the outskirts of WSM. At Locking, near Worle, was an large air force base called Locking. It was a training school for radio and radar. I knew the place in 1956 and had occasion to visit it in 2002 and found it very much altered: new barrack blocks and HQ. It is closed now.

Dave M

Pheasey Born Bumper
Some of the married quarter`s and the water tower are still there, other parts of the site, a lot of new houses.


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Weston Super Mare has been a Holiday destination for Millions of of Brummies over the years and Its' 2 Piers were a popular spot to visit until 1994, when sadly, Birnbeck Pier was closed to the Public on H&S grounds...However, there Is now a Facebook Group called "Lets save Birnbeck Pier" who have teamed up with The National Piers Society to try and save this magnificent structure from complete ruin.
I thought that there might be a few of you out there who may be Interested In what the future holds for Birnbeck or indeed Its illustrious past.....


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Locking also used to be the headquarters of one of the RAF Regional Bands. Most people think of the Central Band of the RAF, but there were several very good Regional Bands in addition to the usual Station Bands on the larger bases. One of my relatives was a tenor sax player in that band for many years. Of course, with all the cutbacks, I doubt if there are any Regional Bands any longer. Shame.