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Birmingham on a hot June day

Bob Davis

Bob Davis
Any of you loçal inhabitants disturbed by the driving of a blue 68 reg Corsa today? Yes I was up here again. Driving around Rubery to Lozells to Great Barr last night, I got lost again then today NEC to Moseley and return to NEC via Shirley. Saw a wonderful ghost sign in Shirley, shop called Adam or something similar up the side walla very clear wall painted sign. It is the main road to the M42, the one with Tesco and Notcutts. But the thing that struck me was that you live in a city blessed with trees, I was on Wake Green Road and I suppose it is a road that typifies roads of that age all over the city. My father in law would always comment on the greenery, trees and parks of the city when he came up from Cornwall to visit us and as I drove around like a true grockle rubbernecking the wonder of it all, sorry if I stopped you racing past me, I just envied you your greenery. Yes we have trees in Devon, but they have a place there so that you city dwellers can come and see them and the sheep's and cows and the occasional bull, because you don't have them, your wool comes in balls from wool shops and milk comes from bottles. Temperature by the way was 34 tops Tesco Shirley.....hot. For you expat, a lot has changed, but in the suburbs, it is still the City that you used to know and love, buses are a different colour and the route numbers have changed, but apart from modern shopfronts and unusual names over the shops, above the shopfronts those shops that were built in 1900 or 1930, are still the same.
The underpass at Five Ways is closed....did you admire my Hagley Road Uturn at 2300hrs
In all that rush hour traffic, one car even applauded with a display of blue and red lights.
If I go back via Stratford tomorrow, I will see if I can get the proper name
of the ghost sign shop.


Staff member
i enjoyed reading that bob...sorry i did not see you whizzing past yesterday i was indoors a lot trying to stay cool :) i think you will find the stratford road has changed a bit over the years..oh traffic could be bad on the bristol road and near as england cricket team play in the world cup at edgbaston today


Bob Davis

Bob Davis
Dial Emma, what a clever company name, black and white shop on Stratford Road number I think about 250 something.