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Birmingham Nightclubs of the Past - Memories


master brummie
We loved going to The Cresta and we saw Tommy Cooper, Dave Allan, Gene Pitney, Freddy Star, David Whitfield........and others I can't remember.:)
Max Bygraves, Long John Baldry, Guy Mitchell, The Bachelors, Worzels, Paul Melba, Jimmy Logan,


Max Bygraves, Long John Baldry, Guy Mitchell, The Bachelors, Worzels, Paul Melba, Jimmy Logan,

I celebrated my 18th Birthday at the Cresta and the compare got me up on the stage I was so embarrassed!! I have a photo somewhere will have to try and find it.


master brummie
So did I Wendy, Lenny the Lion was on, I went out the room before they could call me on stage. I saw Roger Whitaker there to.


proper brummie kid
Re: Birmingham Nighclubs of the Past- Memories

i was at the opening of the ceder club and i knew all the fewtrell brothers. i dont remember driving home as i was one of the catering staff and free champagne was everywhere . many years ago. i still wonder if john fewtrell is around as i worked with him for many years.


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Opposite Lock was owned by Martin Hone who also owned one in Bromsgrove (I think)

Carolina, quite correct Martin Hone developed and opened 'The Engine House' at Tardebigge. It was, as the name suggests the old canal engine house to pump water back up to the top of the locks to conserve water in the reservoirs. :fat:


proper brummie kid
i worked with john fewtrell for years as a butcher. he bought a butchers in harborne but got to used to the night life at his brother eddie cedar club. the club named because of all the cedar timber decor. any idea what became of johnny fewtrell.


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well ploughed through all 98 pages (could have been 30 if people would read other posts first)

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Brummie babby
sorry if i rattled any cages
it was early 70s we we all early 20s out for a lads night out
couldn't get too involved as most had wives to go home to

forgot to add the outrigger
tony reynolds who used to dj there has started again and is doing an outrigger night at the bull ring tavern sometime in march will post date when i find it

ps if anyone knows of a grab a granddad night i don't mind being first prize in the short straw contest:black_eyed: