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Birmingham Nightclubs of the Past - Memories


master brummie
Sad to hear he passed away
I trained there 1978 onwards.

More than likely that we shared the dojo at the same time somewhere along the way. I trained there (and these are guesses) 73 to about76 then moved from brum for while then moved back and trained again for a while and this went on until around 1980 (work kept moving me around). My wife used to come and wait in the bar, one night Eddie said 'if you can pull a pint your can work the bar' and she did on and off and Kimura took a shine to her on a visit lol.

Nice video of him here

Time Traveller 66

master brummie
The Emerald Club was in Green Lane Small Heath, on right going out of city. Originally it was on opposite side of road on the corner, premises that used to be Sam Rams strip club
The club at top end of Broad St was Peppermint Place
Remember Peppermint place i also remember Chaplins and Faces all around the Fiveways area if my memory serves me correct.


New Member
Hello Bob, I worked on the door at The Surfside Stop for a short while. My main reason for leaving was only one doorman and I had to keep going down in the lift when someone wanted to come in and worse still. I would have to go in the lift with anyone I was evicting. That was dangerous if there was more than one of them.
Hi Stitcher Do you remember much about the owners when it was the Balalaika?