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Birmingham Museums At Risk


master brummie
How is it that years ago we seemed to have little or no restrictions on financial support for our museums, galleries, Libraries, Social services etc..., is it all about the enormous debt incurred by the equal pay for women, or is the council incompetent in running its services and finances ??? Eric


Retired Layabout

It's interesting to note that this article is headed by a photo of the Thinktank Science Museum that has an entrance fee of £13.oo. Five years ago there were talks of amalgamating this museum with the BMAG. Do you think they are trying to tell us something?


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The report and comments are from the museum association, not the council, so I doubt it

Lady Penelope

master brummie
Don't know if this is the right place but it's about Birmingham Museums. That entrance fee of £13 (post 3) seems an awful lot doesn't it? Last Spring, my husband felt the same and bought an annual membership card for about £40 as he goes to the Think Tank quite a lot. It admits 2 people to all the museums. So far we've been to Aston Hall twice, once being the Victorian Day, Blakesley Hall twice, for Hallowe'en and Guy Fawkes (where we saw a play about Guy Fawkes - mainly for children but interesting!) and a Christmas costumed tour of the Museum of the Jewellery Qtr. We've still got a few to do but well worth the outlay.