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Birmingham museum and art gallery.


master brummie
Not sure where to put this, but tonight on BBC4, there is episode 2 of the new series of Britains Lost Masterpieces, where two pictures , one before unattributed, at the art Galery are discussed. will presumably be later on iplayer
I have just watched this programme on iplayer and thoroughly enjoyed it. It showed the Art Gallery off to it's full magnificence and the contents therein. I also enjoyed the social history aspect to it and especially the little section on allotments and the facts it unearthed.
Thank you Mike for bringing it to everyone's attention and I would recommend any member to view it if you get the chance.


ell brown on Flickr
I popped into the museum at lunchtime today and got this photo.

Two landscape paintings discovered.

Two planks thought to be by Bruegel the Elder was attributed to Bruegel the Younger (the figures) and Joos de Momper (the landscape background).

While the piece thought to be a Thomas Gainsborough was attributed to Thomas Barker of Bath.

The programme was presented by Bendor Grosvenor and Emma Dabiri



master brummie
I always liked any Breughel (elder or younger) painting; there is so much action to see in them. They illustrate a part of human social history which lasted for many centuries, which has now, apart from some of the more rural areas, gone.