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Birmingham Hippodrome

Richard McNeill

master brummie
There is a Birmingham Hippodrome Heritage site that lists what was on every week from October 1899 to the present day. Click on this link and then click on 'Chronology' on the home screen. I cannot a see a 'Suzette' for the period 1945 to 1950 but for a lot of the weeks in that period the site just gives the phrase 'variety show.'


Harry Flashman

knowlegable brummie
My dad was the Stage Manager of the Hippodrome in the 70s (He worked there from the 50s to about 1980).

I inherited all his memorabillia (30 years worth!) when he died a few years ago.
Ernie Clapham, was a great friend of our family. He was stage manager in the 50's up until he retired in the late 60's. Was your dad Harry Brown?


Brummie Dude
i went with mom to see david whitfield,and mom lost her purse. we had no money to pay for the bus home. mom gave her name and address. the cleaner found the purse and gave it mom back the next day.