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Birmingham Hippodrome

Harry Flashman

master brummie
My dad was the Stage Manager of the Hippodrome in the 70s (He worked there from the 50s to about 1980).

I inherited all his memorabillia (30 years worth!) when he died a few years ago.

Ernie Clapham, was a great friend of our family. He was stage manager in the 50's up until he retired in the late 60's. Was your dad Harry Brown?


Brummie dude
i went with mom to see david whitfield,and mom lost her purse. we had no money to pay for the bus home. mom gave her name and address. the cleaner found the purse and gave it mom back the next day.


ell brown on Flickr
Some views of the Birmingham Hippodrome from Hurst Street. They face an uncertain future due to the pandemic / lockdown / loss of earnings etc. Social distancing in the theatre would be hard.



knowlegable brummie
Ernie Clapham, was a great friend of our family. He was stage manager in the 50's up until he retired in the late 60's. Was your dad Harry Brown?
Okay, I know this reply is nearly a year late, but I haven't been logged in here for a while, but, Yes, he was my Dad. He died in 2008. He used to talk about Ernie Clapham, as did/does my Mom, who met my Dad while she was working in the box office in the early 60s. She used to fill in as relief stage door keeper from time to time, as well. I used to sit in the little old fashioned stage door kiosk with her.

Harry Flashman

master brummie
Time flies doesn't it? I remember working a Pantones season back stage when your dad was stage manager. Maybe 1970/71. Arthur Askey and Dickie Henderson were the stars. I have some fond memories of the laughs we 'stage hands' used to have.The 'get out' and get in' of all the scenery after Pantones finished was a tough 24 hours of work with no rest. I even managed to get one of the chorus girls to go out with me for a time, although she eventually dumped me for a guitarist. Happy days.


master brummie
Do you know for the length of time I've lived in Birmingham , I cannot remember if I have ever been in here , there is something nagging me about in my youth . To be honest I can't say yes or no I have .

A Sparks

master brummie
I went to the Hippodrome two or three times back in the 60's to pop concerts, the Rolling Stones being one of them.

In the 90's someone I knew was working in the office of the Birmingham Royal Ballet and he took me on a tour of their studios at the back of the theatre - very nice!


New Member
My Grandfather worked there in around 1935 ish, he started in Tonys Ballroom, then the majestic before he worked the spotlight at the Hippodrome, he wrote a memoir before he passed and im currently typing it up, ther a section all about him wokirng there, seeing gracie Fields, Formby and a great story about Vera Lynn getting the bus into town after a show.