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Birmingham Hippodrome


master brummie
We are going to see our 12 year old Granddaughter this week (March 2012) who is in Oliver at the Hippodrome. She has been working hard rehearsing.
we are looking forward to it.


G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
Wish her all the best Stars and enjoy the show. A couple of old programmes from show's I watched there. Posted them before the forum was hacked. Jean. Sorry folk these were at the Birmingham Rep. Still nice to look at though.



Great Russell St
Saw Simon and Garfunkle there 1967??ish . Brilliant. It is a pity that we have no theatre thatr stages plays. All the West End productions that tour, can't come here as there is nowhere to perform. Hip only does big shows, Alex, smaller musicals. I have had to go to London twice to see good plays. Still thats what its like in the second (rate) city.


master brummie
hello all, i had the pleasure of meeting the original Platters outside the stage door in Inge st and Frankie Lymon, and had quite a nice chat.

I saw the Platters too, went with my first ever girlfriend, (wonder what she's doing now ?).

Prior to that, I went with my parents to see Winifred Attwell.

I can't remember the year but the audience were chanting for her to play that new-fangled Rock 'n Roll !


master brummie
Oliver at the Hippodrome.

Well we went to the Hippodrome on Thursday night to watch our granddaughter in the musical Oliver. What a lovely show it was to.
Neil Morrissey played a great part as fagin. The special effects of the kids in the work house were fantastic. We thought it was a great night and very entertaining.
Well done to all the the cast and our Granddaughter Chloe.



Stars how proud you must be and well done to Chloe. I would have loved to have seen that show my grandson and I love Oliver. We often watch the film of the musical. I am so pleased it went well and you enjoyed it.


master brummie
Thanks Wendy
Yes we feel very proud. I think what amazed me were my granddaughters facial expressions. I looked through some opera glasses
and could see how well she and the other children put there hearts into it. another good thing is, Chloe is asking questions about children and the
workhouse and what the book i was reading was like (Shadows of the Workhouse). Which can only be a good thing, i think it is good that
our youngsters learn about our history and the way things were in those days, which hopefully makes them appreciate what they have more.

regards Stars


Staff member
hi stars so pleased that you enjoyed the play..you must be chuffed to bits to have seen chloe on the stage of the hippodrome...



Thanks for the info on the show Stars, my wife is going to see it next week.
After what you have said I know she is definately in for a treat now, and well done to Chloe.


master brummie
Thanks Lyn, Templer and all
for your kind words, for those who are going to see Oliver i am
sure you will enjoy the show.



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I used to like Michael Holliday
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