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Birmingham Factory Football Teams

Eddie 14

master brummie
daverock, There were the Green twins, the Summer lads do not ring a bell,I will have to ask my friend tonight.



Lubrication In Moderation
IMG_2328.jpg IMG_2329.jpg IMG_2330.jpg My son is home visiting for a few days.
He found these watch fobs in a charity shop in Leicester and gave them to me ( Good lad )
Can someone throw some light on them, they are both Sterling Silver.

Bob Davis

Bob Davis
Was there not in the fifties a midweek league in which some works teams, including City Transport played?

Arnold Mason

master brummie
Here is a photo of my wife's grandfather with the Ripingilles football team 1926/7.

His name was John Henry Fenton and he is the chap dressed in a suit on the left hand side of the front row.

Regards from Redruth