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Birmingham City Police 1839 - 1974



can anyone remember the tale of the thornhill road white rabbit??


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Pagan,your Dad may have come across my late father in his time in the force.
He joined in 1947,did 30 years,retired in 1977 and then became Vehicle Controller at Queens road.
His name was Tom 'Dad' Moore,he spent many years at Duke Street on the motorbikes(there is a photo of him on the Motorbikes section in a thread for the Double Zero club )
He died in 1995.
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Hi Old Boy
Those were the days.You got it wrong though .The grumpy sod was that Welsh git Bob Morris You
were quite pleasant.Well most of the time

Happy new year

Laurie Hogg ex A193 Hogg27


Hi Alberta
Knew your dad Tom DAD Moore very well.First when I was a Sgt at VICTORIA Rd and then when as Ch Insp at the
motorway Tom was at Park Lane Garage where he worked miracles keeping my vehcles moving.A Gerat fella!

Allthe best

Laurie Hogg aka hogg27

David Prince

proper brummie kid
I did get the collar number right - two out of two. How are you long time since MA - you weren't too well when we went to the Home Office for a couple of days - you didn't even drink the 'free' wine ? Great to hear from you


I've just checked I was one out I said 192 to your daughter yesterday so it one hit for 256 and a near miss.
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Hi Dave

MA were the best days of my service pity they were cut short by a stroke.All the medics
said I was not long for this earth.25 years and still here.Glad Im not in the job now.Its
changed too much.
Have been in touch with Chris Beresford on the old A.
Hope you are well.Ive got big black holes in recent memory but otherwise not too bad.
All the best for 2010.Keep intouch. A193!!

Laurie (hogg27)

David Prince

proper brummie kid
Great to hear your OK - I knew you were ill, but didn't know with what - well done to make the next 25 years. I'm getting older 75 ! - lost my wife 4.5 years ago, I think you may have known her not sure though - (Walsall when you visited Court) had acouple of new hips about 17 years ago still fine although did fall off a ladder for second time a few weeks ago 1030pm at night in dark on my own - seemed a good idea a time - on reflection MAD !!!! I'm running a web site force Regt National Service Vet's keeps me occupied when I'm sitting here with a can on my own. Watching rugby on Sky at present - Wasps v Newcastle then cook a little loin of pork for dinner, I think there's some wine in the fridge. I'm fine just lazy haven't been out since Christmas Eve.

If I can find out how this forum works I'll send you my email and we can chat further. Regards for now back to TV

Dave PS I agree MA was the best.


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From a web-site called West Midlands Police Museum, I found these interesting facts:Between the beginning of the forces operation in November 1839 and October 1842, 499 men were dismissed:
Drunk - 162
Absent from beat or station - 107
Attempting to resign, improperly - 43 (apply for permission to transfer)
Insubordination/insolence - 23
Refusing to comply with an order/regulation - 13
Found in a Brothel or pub when on duty - 12
Loitering or gossiping when on duty - 9
General neglect of duty - 9
Theft from the stores or from other PCs - 8
Found asleep on his beat - 7
Abusive language to civilians - 7
Ditto to police officer - 5 Regardless of rank
Rejected by the police surgeon - 5
Dirty and unfit for duty - 3
Theft - 2
Attempting to join another force - 2
Miscellaneous - 22
No / miscellaneous reasons - 59
No / miscellaneous reasons include: smoking on duty, living with a prostitute (his wife being alive), inducing a married woman to leave her husband and marrying a second woman, his wife being still alive
It also contains photos and other information.


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My great grandfather was Thomas Edward Williams, 1881-1949.... He lived in Birmingham and was a police officer. I know it was before the dates you have listed, but thought you might like to see the 2 pictures I found.

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At last I have been able to access the site and add my comments about PC Ken Blakeman. I served on the A division for a while with Ken. I remember distinctly the day he died helping to push a broken down vehicle. I was in Erdington and was advised of the tragedy by PC Griffin. It was a blow to everyone who knew Ken. He was a delight to know. A friend to all, always in good humour. In fact ken was too nice to be a copper!! They say the best go first. His relatives can be proud of him. Ex A83 Noel G Nelson.


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Graham Kent. I am taking a flyer at this one. Was he at Harborne on a vespa? If so then I knew him. I was in single mens at Harborne nick before they got rid of me. Ex C152 Noel Nelson. (previously A83)

Andy Knapp

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Graham Kent, 'The Duke', did work at Harborne and ride the Velocette before transfering to Traffic ('R' Div.) and was a motorcyclist there. A keen member of the Birmingham City Police Tug-of-War team and was in the T-O-W team that won the Police Nationals in 1968. He left the force after his father died, to run the family hotel, The Stanmore, in Penzance, if my memory is correct. He has had a few health problems recently, but still lives in Cornwall with his wife, Lil.


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Does anyone remember Detective Sergeant Bill McDonald served at Sheldon and Steelhouse Lane?


knowlegable brummie
I think he had an unshakable faith that he would win "Spot the ball". I do hope he managed it. Yes, remember him well. J.

Thanks for responding J, yes he was an optimist also that he would win the pools, but never won either. I am his son and he died 1986, his song was "I did it my way" he certainly did, his body packed up.