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Birmingham by Night

Lady Penelope

master brummie

I've been meaning to share these postcards for some time now. Unfortunately these two are the lightest of the set of 6. The others are quite dark but I'll put them on if these come up OK. The first one is the Old Square and the second the Gt Western Arcade. Not sure when they date from. The PC collection was my aunt's and most date from the beginning of the 1900's to WW1.

The remainder of the set show the Town Hall, The Art Gallery, St Martin's by moonlight with market stalls and St Philip's.



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Absolutely adore your postcards LadyPenelope! They're smashing and mysterious. I love night scenes with the lights and reflections, so atmospheric. These look like they're from paintings, are they do you know? If you have more, load 'em up, they're unusual and a real treat. Thanks for posting them. Viv

Lady Penelope

master brummie
Thanks everyone, unfortunately these are the only ones like this.They seem to be paintings as you suggest. There is nothing on the reverse of the PC's, not even a makers name to give me a clue as to the date. The album contains lots of cards, some from WW1 and some from holidays around that time. The St Martin's one reminded me of the Christmas Markets. Nothing new is there!

John Young

master brummie
Thank you Lady Penelope,

Such beautiful nostalgia captured,,,, most of the photos/paintings remind me of scenes of my 50/ 60,s childhood, St Martins in particular
always attractive,,, But yet even more beautiful today framed all around by wonderful modern buildings, Perfect blend of Old & New.