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Birmingham buses


master brummie
I'm now jealous. I was at Handsworth Tech. 1945 - 1946, travelling from Salford Bridge to top of Villa Road on the tram and never had any tokens !! Do you think I can claim my tram fares back and to whom should I apply ???
Johnny, we could not get them either and I took two buses. When my mom did not have the money I walked, when I got older I rode my bike and chained it up when I got to school!

raz ullah

master brummie

I Used To Go To Icknield Stret Hockley Brook On The Bus,s
Around On The No,8 From Aston Cross In Rocky Lane
We Was So Poor Mom Got A Load Of Plastic Tokens From The Education Dept , Some Was Grren And Some Was Red Ones
And They Was Thevalue Of 1 Penny Other Wise We Couldnt Get To School And Also Old Man Kitchener Wouldappearat The Front Door
Asking Why Ain,t We Are In School
Blimy They Was The Days
Diid Any Body Else Get These Tokens ,? .
Best Wishes Astonian ,;;
Hi Astonian i used those tokens on the buses when i was an apprentice travelling to Brooklyn Tech in Great Barr from Clifton Road Aston that was between 1968 to 1972 they wouldn't need them nowadays because they have cars . x


Staff member
hi raz if you see gone but not forgotten under a members user name its means they are now deceased so sadly astonian wont be replying to you


Nigel Edwards

Yes ..My Grandfather delayed his retirement by 3 months to do the last run..I didnt know about the enthusiasts runs .or the newspaper article I will try to find it. My grandfather retired at 63..and died aged 91 a nice long retirement...again many thanks . Roy
Hi Roy,
I was doing some Trolleybus research recently (what else in 'lockdown) and came across the 'Mail' article you referred to. Hope this helps


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Bill Groove

proper brummie kid
WOW ........... So many buses..... ragga. :)View attachment 10729
I hope the contributors here don't mind me adding my pennyworth! Probably nothing to do with any focus currently being discussed. I lived on Pheasey Estate b1947 As a kid we had the great bus luxury of having the Warwicks, Staffordshire border on the Queslett Rd. Pheasey in the '50s was in Aldridge. It later became Brownhills then, as now Walsall.
Of course we had Bham Corp bus 29a terminating at Collingwood Drive and possibly one of the longest routes across city in BHam and a connection to everywhere with the no11, no8 crossing its town route and the same south of the Bull Ring. West Brom Corp and Walsall Corp buses used Beacon Road for routes to Aldridge and Walsall and back to West Brom. The bus fares were only to Barr Beacon we then had to pay again a new fare for onward transmission to Aldridge/Walsall. My Mum and me used to chose our BIG shop venue with the choice of 3 "capitals" West Brom, (cream and purplish,) Walsall ( blue) Brum, all with easy access on these routes. We aslo had a choice from Kingstanding Circle of catching the Cannock bus (pea green). The nearest Midland Red was BHam - Walsall along the Bham/Walsall Road Gt Barr.

So many buses - so little time


Brummie babby
YER great, in the 60s i lived in phillip st,my friend was a fitter at miller st
depot he checked the buses as they come in.wash them and park them up,od and evens i dont know what that meant,any how he learnt me to drive a pre select box.how wierd,but great fun.
When I left school in 1969., I started as a trainee fitter at Miller street. Maybe I know your friend. What was his name?