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Birmingham buses


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Looking at the row of houses in the background, they look like a style of pre-war council housing

Gerry Cannell

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Now, this is one for anyone around some years ago, and on the buses. Can anyone remember the proposed new underground Bus Station (before the Station Street terminus was built) it was designated to be up next to the Town Hall, and when it was semi-constructed, they realized that it would not accommodate the new 14 foot high buses that were coming on service. The actual site stood empty for many years, before being put to use. Anyone remember? To pinpoint it: If you came up Great Charles Street, and then took the left bend under the short covered section, it was on the right under the short tunnel.


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I remember it too. The planners incorporated it into the design without asking the bus operator, who said they didn't want it (they could still run round the 'city loop' of New St, Corporation St, Bull St and Colmore Row to fully serve the city at the time), so it was never used.


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Thanks for all your info I was born in 1933 I look about 3 in the photo so it was taken about 1935 so you are spot on with what you say

Rodney Allen

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I have some old photographs of similar buses ......can I do an exchange for copy of Sunday Mercury 8th November 2020.. as it has feature article of my RAF veteran but unable to get a copy as live in Wales now.Kind regards,Rod


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New Street

This great view is one of several taken one November morning in 1962 (at ten to nine - see the clock nearly halfway up the left hand side!) to show the volume of traffic in the city. I have another in a book (taken at 9:08 by the same clock!) showing more of the distance, stationary buses and cars right back to Victoria Square.
I think they were taken because the City Council was in the early stages of considering the closure of city centre roads to traffic, as has now happened.
There are a lot of archived pictures like this, showing heavy (rush hour) traffic before a road scheme came into operation, and corresponding ones showing little or no traffic (taken at an off-peak time, or even Sunday!) afterwards.
Presumably the pictures proved the schemes worked!
Where is the picture please ?


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Some years ago the site was hacked, and during recovery we lost the images . Many have been replaced since then, but I regret that this is one that has not.


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I may have mentioned this before. Back in 1970, I co-authored a report recommending the closing of New Street to traffic and making it a pedestrianised street. I went to the Birmingham Post & Mail and looked through their picture library and chose some photos to illustrate the report including a photo showing massive congestion in New Street. I also drew a diagram showing every bus route which used New Street. We presented the report to the City Council only to be told not to be silly as it would never happen!


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Hi,just wondered if any one ever met or remember my relative Barry Shelton ? He was a huge bus and transport history follower and I am looking for any photographs of him on the buses?


master brummie
Hi,just wondered if any one ever met or remember my relative Barry Shelton ? He was a huge bus and transport history follower and I am looking for any photographs of him on the buses?
I know Barry - has anything happened to him?