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Birmingham and district master painters association.

john knight

I've just found these in a box of tat I bought, I can't find any info on this association at all.
All I can ascertain is the date 1855, maker Vaughton, Livery Street and sterling siver and gold plate.
Wonder what was kept inside, and how they found their way down here.Don't know about the badges no marks on them.


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Definitely no information about it, but I suspect it may be one of the Master Painters associations that merged to form the National Association of Master Painters of England & Wales, later to become the British Decorators Association . These are mentioned in https://www.paintingdecoratingassociation.co.uk/uploads/files/PDA History Book.pdf , though they say the first was probably the West riding association , formed in 1865, you seem to have evidence that Birmingham was previous to that.
Unfortunately this link no longer works and it looks as if you have to be a member to access the site
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john ive just checked the nearest kellys i have and thats 1892 and vaughtons at livery st were no longer there then...


john knight

Thanks for replies especially yours Mike, never seen that publication before, most interesting, I've printed it.
The date letter H is for 1855,that's how I arrived at that assumption.