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Discussion in 'A - D' started by smallheathexplorer, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. smallheathexplorer

    smallheathexplorer master brummie

    Many thanks to Alberta, I now have the name John Biddulph (b1845/6) in the tree and am on his trail. I already had Pountney name and was delighted when I found John Biddulph staying with the Pountneys in 1861 census, as a boarder. Address looks like 36 Fordrough (?) St, St Thomas dist, Birmingham. Head is Thomas Pountney (61) wife Anne (60), unmarried sister Caroline (40), sons Thomas (23) Henry (20) and George (16).

    Can anyone help me to find a family connection between John Biddulph and the Pountney family? Later census returns show John married to Harriet. There is a Harriet Pountney married in Aston in 1871, but also a Harriet Adcock married in Aston in 1871 - and the latter is on the same page as John Biddulph, so more likely.

    Henry Pountney (b1841) was the grandfather of the woman who in 1924 adopted John Biddulph's grandson, after the death of the child's mother (John Biddulph's daughter). If there is no connection, this seems a remarkable coincidence.
  2. Sid Walker

    Sid Walker knowlegable brummie

    Greetings, I also am reseaching Biddulphs I would be grateful if you ever come across a William Biddulph a Milkman who lived in Brierley Strret Aston in the early 1800s.He had a son John but he was born 1810 a little to early for you. Good luck with your researches. Sid Walker 12.02.09.
  3. Biddy

    Biddy Brum History

    I am researching Biddulph family in Birmingham Isaiah b.1828 a Chaser (gold) who married Matilda ? and his father Jeremiah b.1796 (married Sarah Marshall 1814) but have no details of siblings for either and most families those days had more than one child.
  4. Alberta

    Alberta Super Moderator Staff Member

    Children of Jeremiah Biddulph and Sarah,baptisms St Phillips
    Emma ,Dec 26th 1823
    Louisa, Mar 21st 1825
    James , Oct 9th 1826
    Isaiah, 10th mar 1828

    Isaiah possibly married Matilda Scott 1852

    Children of John Biddulph and Mary,baptisms St Phillips
    Jeremiah 20th May 1796
    Mary 30th sept 1797
    George 28th june 1800
  5. Di.Poppitt

    Di.Poppitt master brummie

    My gt.gt.grandfather Samuel Worrall married Hannah Pountney, I can't yet see a connection to your Pountneys, they all seem to be hiding somewhere:). I have found the marriage of John Biddulph and Harriet Adcock, to eliminate them from your search. They married 3rd July 1871 at St Phillips.
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2009
  6. Biddy

    Biddy Brum History

    Thank you so much Alberta! I have been at a dead end for ages. Hope it was not too much trouble to find this info for me - what did you consult? I am in Canada so it is hard to find info that is not put on line and when I get to Brum my time is spent visiting and looking after the welfare of elderly relatives. I have always hoped to plug in to someone else's Biddulph research but have not found anyone yet looking for members of my family!!
  7. Astonian

    Astonian master brummie

    hi its abit of coincidence that pountney and bidddulph s
    are connecteted to money business,s biddulphs was a money lender in aston
    six ways near birchfield rd
    and pountney is uncles the pawnbrokers today whom operates around birmingham
    shops every where old biddies was around in the early years for donkey years up till about 1960 i think check your kelly books you should find a biddie my cousin tony
    jones a market trader had a loanfromhim to buy his first van
    best wishes astonian ;;
  8. Biddy

    Biddy Brum History

    Thanks Astonian, you have a good memory, he was a relative - hope Tony's van served him well!. Any mention of a Devey owning a sporting goods shop on the Lozells road? The Devey brothers played for Aston Villa early last century.
    Regards, Biddy.
  9. Stepahead

    Stepahead proper brummie kid

    This is for Sid Walker & Smallheathexploer as I think they have a connection

    Christening: 23 APR 1810 Saint Phillips, Birmingham, Warwick, England
    Mother: HANNAH

    I think the above John is the father of John b1845, George b1848, Elizabeth b1839 & William b1843

    Are you sure you have a connection with the Poutneys or are you assuming because he is boarding?
  10. Sid Walker

    Sid Walker knowlegable brummie

    Sorry no connection with Pountney. Genuine enquiry for Biddulphs. William lived Brearly St.
    Any information on this family most appreciated.
  11. Astonian

    Astonian master brummie

    I See you are researching a family by the name of furbers
    would they have been conected to the under takers do you know.?,
    they lived in alston st lady wood next to blue bottle park as we called it when i was a little whipper snapper it was the back end of the old lady wood police station
    yes i remember deveys as the years rolled bye it changed to a billard table and acceserys selling all connections to playing billards on the old slate tables
    long before this pool table maklai came out then that changed hands again and then they started to sell these dammed pool tables and then it changed to an hair dressers [ ladies ] christ knows what it is now thats if the building is still standing ,
    have a nice day biddy best wishes astonian;;;;
  12. Alberta

    Alberta Super Moderator Staff Member

    John Biddulph married Emma Harris,28th feb 1828 St Mary Handsworth Staffs.

    Brearly street
    John Biddulph age 30 Pearl button maker
    Emma age 30
    William 10
    Thomas 4
    Emma 2
    all b. Birmingham except Emma senior who was born Handsworth(at that time in Staffs)

    1851 10 court 9 house Lower tower street.
    John biddulph age 40 b. birmingham
    Emma age 41 b. Handsworth
    William 19
    Thomas 13
    Emma 11
    John 9
    Henry 2

    1861 Emma is at the same address she is a widow , John and Henry are living with her
  13. Sid Walker

    Sid Walker knowlegable brummie

    Alberta,Many thanks for your information on Biddulphs.Every little helps. Sid.
  14. Biddy

    Biddy Brum History

    Hi Astonian, Thank you for replying about Devey sports shop on Lozells Road - my Biddulph grt aunt married into the family. Do you remember where abouts it was and when it changed to a billiards shop? I also seem to remember there was a Devey butchers shop on Lozells too but have no connection yet to my family - do you remember that shop? I haven't found yet any connection to my Furbers and the funeral company but for some reason my aunt always seemed to want to think there was! Sorry for late response but my computer had to be replaced.
  15. carolina

    carolina master brummie

    Smallheathexplorer. In my family tree I have Michael Biddulph whose parents were John Biddulph and Elizabeth Atkins. Michael was birn 1818 in Birmingham who had a brother John born 1813 and married Mary Hopkins whose children was Elizabeth B1840 William B1844 and John B1846. Michael also lived in Fordrough Street on the 1841 census. Michaels family seemed to have a connection with hairdressing and some being deaf and dumb. It seemed a coincidence that your John also lived in Fordrough Street - there has to be some connection do you think? Best regards
  16. Astonian

    Astonian master brummie

    sorry i am late coming back to you on this as i have been away on bussiness
    and i have just taken five minutes to flash on as to what i have missed on the forum ;
    just flashing from my mind at tis precise time there was everal butchers long on one stretch
    and yours was about 200 hundred yards on the oppersite side of the rd of each other
    just off the top of my head the sports shop which changed to a snooker tables and acces ;
    was on the corner of carpenter rd and lozells rd and coming back towards the old six ways aston
    on the oppersite side of the rd was the butchers shop and the other butcher shops wa down by the
    old woolworth,s store in those days ;allso i would like to mention
    that when walkng towards the sports shop on the other side of the rd there was a side rd
    just after the butchers shopbut at this precice time i cannot named the rd
    after pasing the butchers shopand crssing that side rd there was a ladies clothes shop openend up
    speak to you son ; best wishes astonian ;;
    ps , just to mention the van servd him brilliently he was also a milk man for midland counties dairy
    the van never let him down . and sadly tony died six months ago it was the drink that killed him along with is fags and he lived and brought up in catherine street , astonian ;;
  17. smallheathexplorer

    smallheathexplorer master brummie

    Lots of developments re the Biddulphs in my tree since I started this thread, so I am going to start a new thread, as I've been away so long. Thanks everyone for your replies, hope the new thread will be relevant to at least a few of you.
  18. smallheathexplorer

    smallheathexplorer master brummie

    I think that John Biddulph born 1810 is a different man from the one I'm researching. The wives and children don't match my information. I had thought that Biddulph was an unusual name till I got further into this branch of the tree - not so! Please look at my new thread on the Biddulphs for clarification of 'my' branch. And many thanks to everyone for all the help you have given on this.

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