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Bick family



Hope someone can give me some new idea's to find my missing family.

From 1871 census for Birmingham i Have Thomas and Elizabeth Bick with children Charles 1848 Gloucester, Sarah 1849 Glos, Thomas 1852 Glos, George 1855 Glos, Plus the following children all born Birmingham John 1858, Harriet 1860, Joseph 1865 and Elizabeth 1869.

Apart from John and George all other Bicks seem to dissapear without trace around the 1881 census. I did find mention of Joseph in some sort of reform school in Cumberland on the 1881 but nothing after.

So where did Charles, Sarah, Thomas, Joseph and Elizabeth plus their parents go? Have looked at the later census for the States without any luck. Also searched the death registers thinking there might have been a family tragedy but only found a possible death for Harriet.

Any idea's where i can look next would be most welcome.


master brummie
Jacqueline = I used to go to school with a Debbie Bick - she lived Mapleton Road / Pitmaston Road area of Hall Green area in Birmingham during the late 1970's we were in same class at school - but I don't know who her family was so it may not help you - Bick is an unusual name and I never knew anyone else with such a surname.

If it's any help I can email some old school friends that I am still in touch with see if anyone knows where the family are etc.. someone may know something??


Elizabeth thanks for that. I am fairly certain of who Debbie is. There were quite a few children from the the two Bick's that i am aware of and i know most of John Bicks [my gt grandfater] decendents.

Bick was an uncommon name in Birmingham as most originated from Gloucester. Apparently the graveyards in Gloucester are swamped with Bicks.

I am just at a loss as to why i cannot find the remaining family after 1871. There must be something i have not considered.


master brummie
Jacquelline. Don't know if these are part of the extended Bick family, but in my family tree I have;

Fred Bick born 1881 Pershore died 1959 Worcester married Violet Tomkins 2 Aug 1920

Elsie May born 1921
Lydia Mary ?
Arthur John 1925.


Again thanks Barrie but i have no idea of a Frank or any children of my bunch unless i can find where the heck they went. Had a mini brainwave and searched the Wales census but again no Joy. :(

I also have no link back from Thomas Bick 1825 Gloucester and Elizabeth Annis again Glos. ONE BIG BRICK WALL.


I have a T. Bick living at 3 Sherbourne Square, Sherbourne Rd Balsall Heath in 1920 so he can be tracked as well as his family through the Electoral roll at the Brum Central Library
He was in the 1st Batt.Royal Warwickshire Regiment


Thanks cromwell that sounds positive as most Bicks lived Upper Highgate Street and Sherborne Road at that time. :)


Brummie from Down-Under
1851 H0107/1961 folio 222 page 8 Barnwood Gloucestershire

address Barnwood

John Bick head widower age 57 Carpenter all born Barnwood Gloucestershire
Joseph Bick son age 20 unmarried ag lab
James Smith son in law age 41 ag lab
Ann Smith wife age 32
Elizth dau age 1
Charles bick Frend age 3
Thomas Bick brother unmarried age 27 brother to who?? Ann Smith?? as do under Charles Bick

1851 H0107/1962 folio 231 page 76 Gloucester St John THe Baptist St Mark Gloucestershire
Columbia Street

Thos Bick age 27 ag lab all born Gloucester

Elizabeth wife age 25
Sarah A dau age 2

1861 RG9/2176 folio 101 Page 37 Aston Duddeston St James Warwickshire

Court 6 House
Thomas Bick age 36 lab born Labyar?? Gloucestershire
Elizabeth Bick age 36 Wire War??? Gloster
Charles Bick age 14 Wire "" Gloster
Sarah A Bick age 12 Gloster
Thomas age 9 Birmingham
George age 5 birmingham
John age 2 Birmingham
Harriet age 6months Birmingham

1871 Birmingham Warwickshire RG10/3106 Folio 37 page 13

6 court 3 house Bromsgr?? Street
Thomas Bick 46 labouror in Timber Yard Gloster
Elizabeth age 46 Gloster
Charles age 23 Brass founders labouror Gloster
Thomas age 19 Brass Dresser Gloster
George age 16 printer compositor Gloster
John age 13 Birmingham
Joseph age 6 Birmingham
Elizabeth age 2 Birmingham

1871 RG10/3105 folio 117 page 33 Birmingham St David Warwickshire

further up street is a Timber Yard

Charles ?? Street 34 court 1 House
Harry ? Smith age 24 born Coventry Brass founder
Ann Smith age 23 born Gloucester is she Sarah Ann??
Harry Smith age 5 months born Birmingham
William Smith father Widow age 48 lab born Lowe Warwickshire

Harriet Bick or Beck born Birmingham Warwickshire wife sister

Do you think they went on the same space ship as my family??? ;)


Brummie from Down-Under
Here is Henry from 1871
and Thomas Beck with dau Lizzie  so Bick is Beck like Harriets

1881 RG11/3015 folio 64 page 12

Upper Highgate court 5 house 4

Henry Smith age 34 born Coventry widower Chandelier Burnisher
Harry Smith age 10 born Birmingham
Thomas son age 6 Birmingham
Albert son age 4 Birmingham
George son age 2 Birmingham
Thomas Beck boarder widower age 56 lab Coal Yard  born Gloucester transcribed as head/brother it looks like boarder to me
Lizzie dau age 9 Birmingham



Brummie from Down-Under
There is a Ann Smith who died 1877 age 30 Birmingham Warwickshire 6d 34 sept quarter

Elizabeth Bick died 1880 Birmingham Warwickshire dec quarter age 56 6d 45

1891 Birmingham All Saints RG12/2399 folio 32 page 20

Here is Henry again I was hoping to find a few Becks or Bicks around him!

2 Clifton Place Ford Street

Henry Smith age 44 born Coventry Chandelier Burnisher
Emma wife age 41 born rest of family bornBirmingham
Harry son age 20 Brass Filer
Thomas age 16 Brass Filer
Albert age 14 Errand boy
George age 11
Annie E age 8
Ellen E age 6
Arthur W age 4
James age 2
William E age 1 months

1901 Handsworth St James Staffordshire RG13/2708 folio 77 page 11

73 Green Lane

Henry Smith age 54 Chandalier Burnisher Coventry
Emm Smith age 51 all Birmingham
Thomas age 26 Jewellers Burnisher
George age 21 Jewellers engraver
Annie E age 18 Hand Burnisher
Ellen E age 16 hand Burnisher
Arthur age 14 Brass Dresser
James age 12
William E age 10



WOW, thanks Pam. That gives me loads to get my teeth into ;D


Pam, I also had noticed the Barnwood entry but the two Thomas Bicks made little sense. Still need to find the correct connection. I also had the census returns for Thomas and Elizabeth.

However, you are a star for finding the link for Sarah Ann. It has to be her as her father is there even if as a Beck. But WHY OH WHY a Smith? Have Jones in my line and that's bad enough. At least i know where another Bick ended up and thanks for that.

I notice in your name list you have Leadbeater. Was any of these linked to a Jarvis or Cooper? Possibly second marriage.


Brummie from Down-Under

My Leadbeaters come from my paternal grandmother Alice Louise who married a Oakley
her father was Ferdinand Thomas Leadbeater who married Martha Page.

He died young but Martha did not marry again.
Thomas who died about 20, William, Charles , Stanley, Alice. Alfred, children who died has babies Florence Lavinia George and Francis
Ferdinand who was known has Thomas his father was Thomas who married Esther Bevan 1827. Siblings Caroline married a Ainsworth, Francis, Emma and James now I have to thing one girl married a Drinkwater another a Kingsland and later she married a Piff.

Not sure about James I have to look up the list.

Would you believe I have Jones in my family James Jones my maternal grandfather who married a Rose Pearsall . I have seen some realy interesting middle names in my searches. Why! OH! why! couldnt my family do this. My mother Edith Oakley nee Jones died at 54 before I could ask her about her history also Dad Leslie Oakley.
I have found a 1902 marriage for a James and a Rose Anna Gertrude Pearsall but my mother was born 1918 her sister Alice 1913 and a sister Violet 1915 I know there are more siblings a James for instance. Aunty Alice was the only one we had contact with she is deceased also. On the birth certificates it says Rose Jones nee pearsall. So I cannot link them to the marriage. Desperate for the 1911 census. If I was in Uk I would be at the Library looking through the voters list for 1900 upwards.

I always say if I get to Uk any family members who wish to see me will have to visit me at the Library because thats where I will be for weeks. :D Also at Kew. you never know one day...... I was born in Brum and lived there till I was 21.

Regards Pam from Perth West Australia


master brummie
Re The Bick Family.

Just wondered if there's a connection here,my Aunt Rose Briscoe married Alfred Bick in 1920 at West Bromwich Reg.office.any relation.I also know someone called Bick but they come from the Worcester area orginally.


New Member
Again thanks Barrie but i have no idea of a Frank or any children of my bunch unless i can find where the heck they went. Had a mini brainwave and searched the Wales census but again no Joy. :(

I also have no link back from Thomas Bick 1825 Gloucester and Elizabeth Annis again Glos. ONE BIG BRICK WALL.
This is somewhat after the event I know, but we have been tidying up my late Mother's estate and she was married to a frank Owen. Before they were married, Frank ('Eric' to everyone) lived in Witton Road, Birmingham (number 178). We knew he was adopted and, after some accidental finds in paperwork in the house, we also found his adoption papers but also, rather surprisingly, his original Birth Certificate. Which has him down as Frank Bick. I know he was 'adopted' (we have the transfer bill of sale as well) from literally just across the road - that was always the tale I was told. We can find no other mention of a Bick but I stumbled on this only recently and wondered if it makes sense to anyone here as well?

Tony B

proper brummie kid
Just come across your threads... When you mentioned the surname Bick... I remember a classmate named Stephen Bick .... we went to Warren farm secondary modern school in Kingstanding , Birmingham back in 1969 to 73... I remember him has a quite slim lad with dark hair...
He must be about 62 years old now... He didn't live locally because when we left school at 15 i never saw him again in the Kingstanding area....


Ex-pat Brummie

Welcome to the Forum. I'm just wondering if Stephen (Steve) Bick is the same Steve Bick that lives out here in North East Crete and was until fairly recently, a builder and at one time also owned a business building wooden sheds. Quite a stocky guy, with heavy Brummie accent. I haven't seen him for a few years, but mutual friends tell me he still lives here. Just a thought as it is a fairly unusual surname.

Maurice :cool: