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B'ham Works Amateur Football Association


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Slightly off topic but concerned with football teams and work. Does anyone know anything about a Wednesday league? Dad worked at the Co-op on Stockland Green in the 1920's / 30's. He played on a Wednesday afternoon for a team which I believe was called Erdington Wednesday. I also remember Mom telling me that there was a cartoon in the paper of Dad playing football with his arms drawn in as ivy. He had a girlfriend named Ivy. Mom threw it away - her name was Doris!
I think our Dads would have known each other, my Dad worked at the Coop , played for Erdington Wednesday league and played bicycle polo for the Clarion club. I have lots of info.

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Hi Rob1, just read your post on the bicycle polo thread and I'm even more excited now. Just sent you a PM and look forward to hearing from you. I'm sure I have some photos so will go and have a look now.

Lady Penelope

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I thought I had more than this one photo. Dad's on the left hand side of the group and seems to be a lot older (and bigger) than the rest of them. I've been trying to work out where it was taken - any ideas?