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Bevington - 1932 Back of High St, Bordesley


Hello, looking for Macquaker - Alice and Ellen, who gave their address at their marriages in 1932 as 7/143 High St - showing as being occupied by the Bevington family.
Does anyone have any connections to Bevington that might be able to throw some light here please?!


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Not sure if this is helpful or not but on Ellen's marriage record at St John Deritend it is Henry at 7/143 and Ellen is at 3/143. I imagine Henry might have lodged there.



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In the 1930 electoral rolls , no 3 court 29 (which must be same as back 143) was occupied by Clarence Charles, Emily Elizabeth . and Clarence Henry Lorton, In 1935 it was
Clarence Charles, Frank Leonard, Clarence Henry & Alice Lorton


Hello everyone - firstly thanks for all your efforts on this!!
OK - Known facts:
Alice Macquaker married Frank Leonard Lorton in Feb 1932, so she is NOT the Alice Lorton in 1930 electoral roll.
Alice stated she was living at 7/143, and frank at 3/143. So Mike's info confirms.
Ellen (who I still do not know what her Relationship is to Alice) was living with Alice and Frank when she got married in Sept 1932 - so logic, a Macquaker with another Macquacker - but then her 'husband to be' was once again at 7/143...... it's driving me mad!!


Sorry, just realised I've done an oopsy!
Alice was of course on the 1935 electoral roll - hadn't read properly - Sorry Mike!