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Benny Hill


master brummie
I was on youtube today looking for a review about a drill i`m thinking of buying. I also noticed a clip from the Benny Hill tv show which i watched, & i know that type of comedy was "of it`s time", but it still made me chuckle. :laughing: Such a pity about the way the pc brigade hounded him. They could do with hounding some of the foul mouthed turds on tv today. There`s not much gentle comedy on tv these days.:(


master brummie
I can understand the 'wimmin' thing, he did make use of lots of pretty girls and portrayed an irascible lecher, as did Les Dawson.
I once went to Madame Tausauds in London. They insisted on photographing you - it was almost like Police 5 - no choice. The insult to injury, as far as I was concerned, was that the waxwork alongside you was Benny Hill. Kylie Minogue was just as close and I would have preferred her. :D Never been since.