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Belgian Refugees Ww1


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I found this document on display in the Passchendaele Museum this week. It appears to belong to a Belgian refugee from the Great War who fetched up in Stourbridge. 94 Charlotte Street was the address of the Belgian Consulate at the time.DSCN5674.JPG


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Looking at this thread I notice many comments here and in the Charlotte Street thread about the consulate but none to with these exhibits.
There is nothing to link them all to one particular person but that it not important. The phrase book need little comment, however the billeting authorisation does mention people. It seems to be in a ladies name? maybe the wife or relative of a soldier, Vinck Maria (Mary Finch)? The soldier mentioned is Piet De Meyer. The authorisation and agreement is for 15/- (fifteen shilling in old money ) per month and was for the address in Enville Street, Stourbridge. Those who know Stourbridge will know that this road goes west from the town centre to Stourton and Enville. The date is before the end of WW1 being in April of 1918.
The other documents was probably handed to all young Belgian combatants who were Catholic and from the Diocese of Brugge (Bruges). Its was principally for West Flemish (WestVlaamsche) schoolchildren who were leaving school and was a catechism question and answer booklet. However, it is also a sub script mentioning those leaving the Fatherland. Noticeably it was printed in 1917 by printers on Paris.
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