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Battle Of The Somme 1 July Centenary


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thanks from me too steve...it is good to know that these men will never be forgotton...steve i sent you an email a couple of weeks back..not sure if you received it ok..


Steve R

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I thought I would add some pictures I took at the Bovington tank museum two weeks ago they have an excellent WW1 display there including this running 'replica' of an Mk IV tank dating from around 1917. I was also at the Imperial War museum this week and again they have a very good section on WW1


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Hi Steve,

I was at "Bovvy" last year and thought the indooor reconstruction of a WW1 trench was a wonderful thing, even down to the German soldier looking up in terror at the tank.
Back in the 60s while I was on my first course there, there used to one of those tanks roaring around the camp, I'm wondering if that's the one you've photographed.

Steve R

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Perhaps it is but this one was also on display and several others I did not photograph as I was only interested in the 'male' tanks as I have located where two of them were knocked out in Sept 1916 around Flers in France. I have read that they do not run these older ones now as there are so rare and need preserving. The German soldier is still there and looks just as terrified.

Steve R


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Hello Rowan - it's wonderful to hear this about Arthur and I have tried to contact you privately but have been unsuccessful - it's really urgent that I speak to you so do hope we can be in touch.
Regards Pat.
Hello Pat, I have only just noticed your message of July 9th 2016 re: contacting me. I assume it is regarding a Quincey. I have sent you a PM

Steve R

master brummie
I will be visiting the Somme battlefield again in March. If there is anybody out there who wishes me to take a photograph of a grave or monument etc please PM me with the details. I will need as much as you can give concerning full name, service number, regiment etc. If I can get there I will for you and it won't cost you a penny. Picture will be sent electronically. so please supply and email address.
Steve R


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i am trying to understand the formation of the Birmingham Pals during WW1. I know there was a tremendous reaction to Kitcheners call to arms from Brummies but were the Pals mainly classed as non manual applicants?