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Bastardy Records


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Where can I search online for Bastardy Payment Records, or Bastardy Lists. My great grandmother was born in Aston in 1959. Sarah Ann born to Harriet Hollier. If This cannot be searched online, who would I contact for a birth registration? Thank you.


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at the min i can not find a birth reg for a sarah ann hollier for 1959 birmingham...not sure if ancestry have the records you require..could be worth you joining.. other members may have some ideas



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It was never spoken about, but I remember my Nana mentioning it in a short conversation. Unfortunately, I can't be clear on the father's last name. I think it was Foxall? or Foxworthy? Thanks for looking for me.


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If we think the 1959 may be a typo then:
This may be absolute rubbish but..... Sarah Mewis birth registered Apr - June qr 1859 in Aston (no mmn). Followed by the marriage of Harriet Mewis to William Hollier 26th December 1859 at St Peter and Paul Aston. 1861 census has William and Harriet Hollier with Sarah HOLLIER aged 2 and Charles aged 3 months.
Intriguingly the next record I found is when Sarah marries aged 17 as Mewis with Father named as William Mewis but the occupation is the same as William Hollier.
Could this be the correct person?
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