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Barr Street, Hockley


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Two aerial views of Barr Street ...
View 1 taken in 1939 just before WW2 ... red markings shows junctions ....
View attachment 148310
above image is from 'britainfromabove' .... left click it and use '+' magnifier to zoom and scroll across it

View 2 a similar aerial view today
View attachment 148311
They are wide images ... maybe best to save them and scroll across .... maybe someone can identify buildings in the 1939 image.
here is the photo...which was lost when the forum was hacked some years ago..just as an aside my mom as a young girl worked at at fattorini working on badge enamelling...not quite sure where abouts in barr st the factory wasView attachment 148467
Fascinating, thank you.


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mike if you spot this post could have a please showing 36 barr st also i believe known as the bradford works which was where the fattorina factory was...thanks mike


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We have acheived something if we have found a pub you haven't heard of ! Here is the 1889 map on a larger scale

I can see Courts in Barr Street but they vanish later on. Is this because they were demolished or did manufacturers take them over and build premises on them.


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All sorts of things cause Courts' disappearance, not just in Barr St . Sometimes factories are expanded, to cover the court, sometimes the area is demolished, sometimes the entire area is demolished and houses or factories built on the site