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Rod, How sad to hear about Barney, I know how much "The Lads" meant to you and your family after you rescued them both.
They were both so very precious to you all and were so well loved, but as you say are once again together.
I send my sincere condolences to you and the family.

Pom :angel:


I have been very careful to keep my feelings inside regarding Barney, and I will be honest that in some ways I have tried to push the grief away instead of facing it.

When we lost Harvey earlier this year, it really hit hard against me, just as it did with our previous dogs Penny, and Laddie. I had said my goodbyes days before when I realised he was getting so unwell, and then as each day took form and he was still with us, I made sure that I gave him as much love as I could before the inevitable happened.

I got a call from my mum in tears at 1:12pm whilst I was out driving in my car, saying to come and say goodbye. In my heart, I knew I needed to say it again, but I also wanted to just run away. I didnt want to say it again. Of course I came back and said goodbye, but then I got back in my car and drove for a good hour to calm myself down. But when I re-entered the house later on the night, it was so quiet, and ..... well you all know how it feels.

Penny, Laddie, Harvey and now Barney have touched everyone in our family. Becoming our closest friends and becoming true members of the family. They are all sorely missed and the house seems so lonely and empty without them.

So I will say this:

Barney my friend. Be free, run with your brother and never look back. We will miss your company, affection and your antics. Goodbye my friend. :'(



Keith, I know those words are from the heart. Many of us understand the pain you are going through and I am glad you felt able to share it with us. I know you must all miss Barney so much. No one can take away your memories.


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Thanks for posting Keith. You will miss those Lads very much but they have given you so much and thank goodness that your Mum was able to call you and let you come back and say goodbye to Barney. Oh yes, they are playing together now and are free of pain and happy. They have left your family with the best of memories.


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All pet owners who have been through this awful pain know what your family is going through.

My thoughts are with you,Alberta


We had a lovely card from the Old English Sheepdog Rescue Centre yesterday with regards to both Barney and Harvey, everyone has been so kind. Its funny coming home and not having him there to greet us. Gosh we get so much from our pets dont we, that unconditional love they give us no matter what.

Thanks again everyone who sent us messages. :) Your all brilliant

florence butler

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Rod and Keith,

Some years ago, I lost my two cats Tilly and Spike, and my little collie dog Blue - all within two and a half years of each other. I know full well the awful empty feeling when they're gone. Tilly and Spike were mother and son. We had Tilly from 6 weeks old. When she was eight and a half months old, she gave birth to 4 kittens. We decided to keep Spike, and loved watching him grow up into a fine health cat.

Blue was my little mate. Chose him from the RSPCA kennels at 4 months old. He was perfect. He was obsessed with the tennis ball and was never happier than when playing with it in the park. Never any trouble. A fantastic little character. I know for sure I'd never find another one as good as him.

Kind regards....Florence :)


master brummie
Sorry On Your Loss I Know The Feeling And Your Words Of Comfort Meant A Great Deal When I Lost My Ben
Best Wishes


From one who knows how it feels, to one who knows how it feels.........so sorry Rod. More watching than talking these days, but could not ignore your pain. My best regards to you all
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